Nintendo Switch Sports: revealed the main theme in an official video

Nintendo Switch Sports will arrive on the Nintendo hybrid console on April 29th and, to celebrate the imminent release of the game, the Kyoto house has published through its official social channels, the main theme of the game. Meanwhile, the expectation towards this title to be played to the sound of sport is becoming more and more palpable.

Nintendo Switch Sports: published the main theme of the game

Listening to the song, the most attentive or passionate of you will surely recognize some notes that recall the Wii version of Nintendo Sports, to date one of the most successful titles ever packaged in Nintendo studios, and we do not hide from you that we were pleased to see it honored in this way. For the rest it is a music with deliberately light tones and ideal for the type of gameplay proposed.

In fact, as per tradition for this franchise, Nintendo Switch Sports is configured as a video game aimed at the whole family and all age groups, to offer fun and entertainment to as wide an audience as possible.

But in the movie we also see some gameplay screenshots that allow us to get a better idea of ​​what awaits us in the full game.

These are sports that had already been confirmed previously by Nintendo, so they are not absolute novelties in this respect, like the tennis, he bowling, fencing, football, la volleyball and the badminton. We remind you in this regard that the first post-launch update of the game should add golf, an activity much loved by long-time fans.

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