Apple, 2-nanometer chip by 2025

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Apple would be working to launch in 2025 a 2-nanometer chip within yours iPhone, iPad and not only. The Taiwanese manufacturer TSMC could prepare production lines by the beginning of the year 2025, in time for the launch of the iPhone.

Apple could launch 2-nanometer chips in 2025

All of Apple’s mobile chips currently adopt a 5-nanometer processincluding the chip A15 present in the iPhone 13. But according to DigiTimes, TSMC is already preparing the 3nm chips by the end of this year (so in time for the iPhone 15). And by 2025 could start work on semiconductors with a two-nanometer process. Apple and Intel would be among the first companies to use them.

The magazine explains that “TSMC has established a plan to shift its production of GAA processors to 2nm in 2025. While it will commercialize its best-performing 3-nanometer FInFET processors in the second half of 2022, with Apple and Intel among the first customers to adopt both nodes. Qhis further consolidates its dominance in the chip foundry sector, according to industry sources ”.

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As recently reported, iPad Pro could be among the first products to use a process a 3 nanometerseven before the new iPhones of 2023. Currently the iPad Pro uses the M1 chips, while the version arriving later this year is expected to use the new M2 chip. The new technology should improve performance by 15% and achieve them by consuming 25% less.

However, it still remains to be evaluated the impact on smartphones. Now that Apple designs chips across the board, we will be able to see simultaneous development across all departments, both mobile and computer. We will keep you informed of developments.

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