Nissan: 250,000 electric vehicles are sold in Europe

Nissan: sono 250.000 i veicoli elettrici venduti in Europa thumbnail

Nissan reaches an important milestone: the Japanese-born carmaker has in fact reached the significant share of 250,000 electric vehicles sold in Europe, of which 208,000 LEAF and 42,000 e-NV200.

Nissan: some recent history on electric vehicles

Launched in 2010 and 2014 respectively, LEAF and e-NV200 paved the way for 100% electric mobility for the mass market and the numbers confirm their success.

Leon Dorssers, Senior Vice President, Sales & Marketing, Nissan AMIEO, ha dichiarato: “In 2010 Nissan ushered in the era of modern electric vehicles with the introduction of LEAF to the market. Today it continues to offer customers around the world innovative technologies and advanced zero-emission propulsion systems, turning brilliant ideas into reality. “

Emmanuelle Serazin, Director Corporate Sales & LCV Europe, added: “The Nissan e-NV200 has brought the electric revolution to the world of light commercial vehicles, offering the perfect balance of sustainability, practicality, comfort and low cost of ownership. We are about to inaugurate a new chapter in our electrification strategy with an electric van that will be available shortly. “

Nissan, that in Italy has seen over 7,000 customers who have purchased LEAF, while more than 2,000 individuals and companies have chosen e-NV200, has expanded and developed the LEAF and e-NV200 range to meet the needs of private and commercial customers, in line with Nissan’s Intelligent Mobility strategy for a more connected and sustainable future.


Since 2010, LEAF has led the development of modern electric vehicles, with bright and efficient powertrains and advanced technologies such as the ProPILOT driver assistance system and the exclusive e-Pedal for accelerating and braking with a single pedal. Innovative solutions that make driving the Nissan LEAF comfortable, intuitive and exciting.


e-NV200, leader in 100% electric vans for the mass market, offers the benefits of sustainable mobility to companies and individuals. With a 40 kWh battery, load capacity up to 4.2 m3 and low running costs, the e-NV200 is a versatile and comfortable model for businesses. e-NV200 Evalia also meets the daily needs of private customers, with adaptable interiors and options for five and seven seats, each with configurable cockpit and removable seats to maximize luggage space.

Nissan: the path to electrification

In line with the electrification plan of its range, in 2022 Nissan will introduce Ariya, the first 100% electric crossover to the European market, available in four versions to best meet the various needs of customers in terms of range and performance. Nissan Ariya 63 kWh 2WD is ideal for those who use the car mainly in urban and suburban contexts. Ariya 87 kWh, still two-wheel drive, is more suitable for those who make long journeys, by virtue of the high range of travel. Ariya e-4ORCE 87 kWh All-wheel drive combines autonomy with the advantages and comfort of a balanced drive power between the four wheels. Ariya e-4ORCE 87 kWh Performancefinally, it is designed for those looking for thrills behind the wheel, with superior power and torque.

Nissan’s road to a more sustainable future also continues with EV36Zero, an Electric Vehicle Hub that will create the world’s first electric vehicle manufacturing ecosystem at Nissan’s Sunderland plant in the UK. The plan provides for a total investment of one billion pounds.

EV36Zero creates a new model for zero-emission automotive manufacturing, bringing together electric vehicles, renewable energy and battery manufacturing. A decisive push towards Nissan’s goal of total carbon neutrality.

Leveraging its experience in crossovers and electrification, Nissan also announced the launch of a new electric crossover which will be produced in Sunderland and promises superior style, efficiency and battery technology.

In addition, the next generation of small vans will be produced in Maubeuge, France, the Alliance’s center of excellence for these types of vehicles and will include models with all-electric or internal combustion engines and will offer commercial and passenger transport solutions. , with various options in terms of dimensions.

The acceleration of the transformation plan marks the beginning of a new period of sustainable growth for the company, which by 2023, in Europe, aims to reach 75% of electrified sales.

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