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Nissan increasingly electric with the e-Xperience Tour Qashqai

L’e-Xperience Tour is the roadshow which offers Italian customers the opportunity to get to know in advance. At dealerships Nissan, the new electrified models of the Japanese house. After Ariya e Jukepart of thee-Xperience tour of Qashqai, Nissan icon and trendsetter. Qashqai is part of the crossover segment. Today it is equipped with e-POWER, a unique electric powertrain on the market.

Getting in touch with the new Qashqai e-POWER is simple. Just go to the website, locate the stage of the e-Xperience Tour. More convenient and then go to the Nissan dealership or contact them to make an appointment. Nissan Sales Consultants are available to customers. So to accompany them to the discovery of Qashqai e-POWER. The electric without plug that boasts technological equipment at the top of the category.

A unique electrified engine on the market

In the e-POWER system, the 190 HP electric motor. It is the only one that moves the wheels of the car and guarantees the driving pleasure typical of an EV. However, it has brilliant acceleration and a torque of 330 Nm readily available, at any speed and in all circumstances.

There is no recharging at the aspina, because the electricity required for traction is produced on board the car. From a refined 1.5-liter three-cylinder turbo petrol engine and 158 HP. This is capable of ensuring maximum efficiency thanks to the variable compression ratio. So just fill the fuel tank at a traditional operator and guarantee a range of over 1,000 km with a single tank of petrol.

Mostly, e-POWER therefore, it is the best electrified solution available, an alternative to diesel and a real transition element towards 100% electric mobility.

Nissan increasingly electric with the e-Xperience Tour Qashqai.

Low consumption and emissions

Efficiency is one of the strengths of e-POWER. Low consumption and low emissions make it the ideal system for any type of journey, especially in urban contexts. The wheels of the car are driven exclusively by the electric motor. Furthermore, the heat engine that produces energy can operate in an optimal range of number of revolutions. Minimizing consumption and CO2 emissions. This condition also has a positive impact on noise emissions and therefore on silence and comfort on board.

The heat engine boasts very high yields thanks to sophisticated technology. This allows to have a variable compression ratio, automatically adjusted according to the demand for motive power.

In urban contexts, where frequent starts and braking facilitate the regeneration of energy. The system tends to keep the heat engine off more often, with about 65% fewer starts than in a traditional hybrid system. The e-POWER engine also benefits from tax concessions. Therefore, reduction or exemption of the road tax, subsidized third party liability costs, free access to the ZTL. In large urban centers and free parking on the blue lines, according to the various regional and local regulations.

Technologies for safety and comfort

The system ProPILOT con Navi-link adjusts acceleration, braking, stop and restart in the single lane. It can read traffic signs and automatically adapt the speed of the car. In addition, it acquires data from the navigator and adjusts the speed in curves or on motorway exit ramps.

Rich on-board technological equipment with 10.8 ”Head Up Display (HUD). Projects route, traffic or driver assistance information into the driver’s field of vision. A new 12.3 ”high definition digital multifunction instrument cluster. In addition, a new infotainment and navigation system with a 12.3 ”HD digital touch screen.

The new Qashqai e-POWER uses e-Pedal Step technology. It allows you to accelerate and slow down using only the accelerator pedal. The system, which is activated via a special button on the center console. Above all it is very useful and comfortable in driving situations characterized by frequent speed variations.

Finally, when you release the pedal, e-Pedal slows the car, but without stopping it completely, to facilitate parking and low speed maneuvers.

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