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Nissan Juke Hybrid coming to Europe

Nissan has a new hybrid engine in mind for its Juke compact crossover, delivering high performance with low emissions and fuel economy. In fact, until now, the Juke was only available with a 117hp 1.0 DIG-T petrol engine, which could limit its sales. But from this summer the Nissan Juke Hybridan ECO label version of the DGT and a more efficient and capable powertrain.

“Nissan’s electrification strategy is accelerating and the JUKE Hybrid, which will expand the range later this year, will be a further milestone in our strategic goal of offering new fully electrified products by 2023,” said Guillaume Cartier, President of Nissan AMIEO Region.

Nissan JUKE Hybrid

It is the same system as hybrid propulsion already seen in other models such as the Renault Captur E-Tech Hybrid, benefits of belonging to the Renault-Nissan Mitsubishi Alliance. Combine a four-cylinder internal combustion engine 1.6-liter, capable of generating 94 hp, with another 36 kW electric block. To this must be added a 15 kW high voltage generator, the inverter and the 1.2 kWh water-cooled battery. The combined power of the Hybrid Juke is not detailed, but it will be of about 145 hp.

Nissan Juke Hybrid, here is the multi-mode gearbox

The other component that distinguishes the Nissan Juke Hybrid is its own multi-mode change, an innovative solution that has toothed joints instead of the traditional synchronizer rings for the 4 “ICE” and 2 “EV” gears. Furthermore, again to reduce friction, the gearbox does not use the clutch. In any case, the start always takes place with electric motors, while in this mode the maximum speed is up to 55 km / h. In fact, it allows you to use electricity up to 80% of the route in urban environments.

Nissan JUKE Hybrid

One of the keys is regenerative braking and the advanced energy management system. In total we speak of one consumption reduction up to 20%, even if the data is pending approval. Another feature of the Nissan Juke Hybrid are the driving modes, which allow the user to choose between Eco, Normal and Sport. With the e-Pedal function inherited from the Nissan Leaf, it will be possible to drive with a single pedal as every time you take your foot off the accelerator, a “moderate” braking is applied which causes Juke to decelerate to minimum speed (about 5 km / h).

On an aesthetic level it will be easy to distinguish also this Nissan Juke Hybrid. It features the brand new logo for the first time and comes with a glossy black stripe at its connection to the hood. The grill is mesh and has a smaller opening to suit its needs aerodynamics and cooling. There is no shortage of “Hybrid” logos in various parts of the body, as well as a new rear spoiler, redesigned wings or two new wheel designs, some two-tone 17-inch and other more aerodynamic 19-inch.

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Inside are added some views in the 7-inch instrument cluster, located between the two quadrants: the energy flows are represented with a simple and clear animation that allows the driver to perfectly understand how the system works. Also on the dashboard are the buttons to activate the e-Pedal and EV mode. The space remains intact in the rear seats, even if the trunk is somewhat reduced. Now, in this version, 354 liters are available, that is 68 liters less than the model with internal combustion engine, even if with the seats folded down, the capacity reaches 1,237 liters. Nissan has not yet revealed the prices that will be announced shortly before arriving at dealerships.

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