Nital takes control of distribution of Victrola products

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Nital expands its influence in the audio field by introducing Victrola turntables to the Italian market, a historic US brand widely recognized among music enthusiasts and, in particular, vinyl enthusiasts

These different models combine high-quality audio with designs, sometimes vintage-inspired, and advanced features to offer considerable versatility of use.

Nital takes control of distribution of Victrola products

Nital expands its audio offering with the introduction of Victrola turntables in the Italian market.

Founded in 1906 in Camden, New Jersey, the Victor Talking Machine Companynow known as VictrolaYes is specialized in the production of turntablesoffering fans the chance to listen to one wide range of musical genres over the years, from classical music to jazz, from blues to rock, to pop, to metal, up to the present day.

In a period where there is a growing interest for the vintage from consumers, Victrola fits perfectly into the market with a varied selection of turntables that combine the best of two worlds, analogue and digital, to offer uncompromising Hi-Fi audio and maximum versatility. Thanks to Bluetooth connectivityyou can now enjoy your vinyl collection on any connected wireless speaker or headphones.

But the features don’t end there: i briefcase modelsendowed of integrated speakerthey can also play music stored on devices such as smartphones, tablets, computers and other Bluetooth-enabled multimedia devices.

Additionally, some models offer a connectivity complete with the smart speaker Sonosmanaged wireless through a dedicated app. These models, known as “work with Sonos“, include the Stream Carbon and it Stream Onyx.

Finally, the new models Hi-Res Carbon e Hi-Res Onyxrecently presented and available from the end of November, stand out for the use of Bluetooth with aptX Adaptivewhich guarantees high-resolution audio quality.

“We are thrilled to announce the partnership with Victrola. The brand, which expands the range of audio devices distributed by Nital, confirms our commitment also in this sector and our desire to intercept new trends, responding to the needs of those who not only want high quality listening but also attention to advanced design and functionality”, says Gianluca Barresi, Commercial Director of Nital. “As of now we offer a wide choice of turntables, capable of satisfying the needs of every consumer in terms of design, technical characteristics and also price. Every music lover will surely find the one best suited to their needs.”

Nital is in charge of distribution on the Italian market of the wide range of Victrola productsamong which they stand out eight models in the attractive and brightly colored format of briefcase turntables.

This complete line includes a wide range of options, starting from the model entry-level Victrola Journey Torquoiseand going up to the top of the range with Victrola Stream Carbon Silveras well as including new models Hi-Res.

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