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Nitetronic Z6 has arrived, the smart anti snoring pillow

Nitetronic Z6 is the ideal pillow for whom snores when sleepingbut also for partners forced to sleepless nights.

In fact, several studies have shown not only that snoring can cause disturbances in rest, but also that the causes of snoring are mostly attributable to a partial obstruction of the airways. One possible solution may be to sleep with your head to one side, to minimize obstruction. But how to move the head of a snore without waking him up?

Here comes Nitetronic Z6, the smart anti snoring pillow

The pillow is still in the process of financing, but it will soon hit the market. The peculiarity of Nitetronic Z6 lies in its helping serial snorers (and others) to spend a peaceful night. Basically the pillow constantly monitors the user, acting from the first moments you start snoring. The pillow is composed of a memory foam structure and a cotton cover.

The interior features six air chambers and MEMS sensors housed in the central control unit. As soon as the sensors detect snoring, the air chambers tend to inflate, silently lifting and turning the snoring person’s head.

It has been noted, in fact, that changing the position of the head could help to reduce snoring until it ceases. Therefore, the usefulness of these air chambers is fundamental as moving the head of the person concerned normally would risk waking him up.

By inflating, however, Nitetronic Z6 manages to move the head without waking up the snoring, making the user assume a anti-snoring position.

Moreover the sensors monitor the progress of sleep and snoring, reporting the data directly to the phone. This way anyone, including partners, can keep an eye on the sleep cycle of serial snorers.

As anticipated, Nitetronic Z6 is currently still in the funding stage on Kickstarter. Anyone wishing to finance the project and thus save their nights can click on the following link, receiving an anti-Russian pillow by March 2023 at 282,00€.

In the future, as soon as Nitetronic Z6 is placed on the market, the price will tend to grow until it reaches the ceiling of 480,00€.

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