No advanced health features in future Apple Watches (for now)

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The Apple Watch Series 7 has disappointed many with its lack of new sensors – however, don’t expect things to get better with the new one. Apple Watch Series 8. According to a new report, Apple will fail to add new advanced health features in future Apple Watches. Here are the details.

Apple Watch Series 8: No advanced health features

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In the latest newsletter Power On, Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman talks about sensors that Apple is currently developing for the Apple Watch and when we will see them arrive in the current product. His response, sadly, will not make those who are anxiously awaiting the arrival of a new device happy.

Gurman says Apple is currently working on three great new features: glucose / blood sugar monitoring, the ability to measure blood pressure and body temperature calculation. However Bloomberg’s Gurman he is not convinced that these features will launch on a new Apple Watch soon:

Don’t expect any of these anytime soon, though. Body temperature was on this year’s roadmap but talk about it has slowed recently. Blood pressure and glucose control could come in at least two to three years.

With this information in mind, the only advanced feature in the health section that we might expect from the Apple Watch Series 8 might be the ability to detect advanced sleep patterns e sleep apnea, as the Wall Street Journal reported last year.

Not only does the next Apple Watch look a lot less exciting, but Apple may have to reassess its annual strategy of a new smartwatch every 12 months, since the technology is not following its marketing strategy.

Of course, we are at least a nine months after the presentation of a new Apple Watch from Apple, and rumors suggest the company will unveil three new models this year, with a version IF updated, a model rugged per lo sport, as well as the next Serie 8. We just have to wait and stay updated through the official website.