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No difference between old and new iPhones – users are not satisfied

Apple recently released its new series of iPhone 13 and, in a short time, the device has become quite popular. The Cupertino company continues to dominate the high-end market but there are some complaints. There are users who believe that Apple is getting so much by actually offering little.

Zero differences between iPhone 13 and older models: here’s what users say

Many users have complained that the latest iPhones are equipped with few innovative applications. In fact, it is more and more complicated to distinguish the iPhone 13 from the old models. The most interesting aspect is that the co-founder of Apple also thinks like the public.

According to some recent reports, Steve Wozniak, the co-founder of Apple, revealed that he found no differences between the Model 13 and the previous ones. Wozniak said: “I got the new iPhone but, really, I can’t tell the difference.”

In fact, what Wozniak said is true and many users think exactly like him. From a point of view of design, appearance e camera layout, l’iPhone 13 it offers nothing new.

However Wozniak said the model notch width iPhone 13 is from 20% lower to that of the previous model. In addition, the rear lens module: moved from the vertical arrangement of the iPhone 12 to a diagonal arrangement.

The chip and the refresh rate can be considered as the highlight of the iPhone 13 series. However, for old users of the iPhone 11/12 series, there is no need to upgrade to the iPhone 13 series, because there is basically no difference in everyday experience.

Will the 14 series be the turning point?

Previously, there has been some news regarding Apple’s new series. According to some rumors, the Cupertino company will launch the series iPhone 14 with a hole display. Considering the sources of this speculation, it is very likely that the new iPhone it will not use a notch for the first time in five years.

However, due to the component Face ID, Apple will use a “pill-shaped” opening so as not to eliminate the feature. Some reports reveal that LG is also already working on similar technology.

While punch-hole camera design isn’t an entirely new technology, it’s a big leap in quality for Apple. Since the iPhone X in 2017, Apple hasn’t launched any flagship iPhone series without a notch.

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