Sands of Aura: il nuovo action RPG è disponibile in Early Access thumbnail

Sands of Aura: the new action RPG is available in Early Access

Sands of Aura: the new action RPG is available in Early Access thumbnail

Sands of Aura is a new action RPG recently available in Early Access su PC Windows. The new title developed by Chashu Entertainment and published by Freedom Games is available on both Steam than on Epic Games Store. This is a project of great interest and, unlike many other indie titles of this type, there is the presence of Italian support (for now for the interface only).

Sands of Aura is available in Early Access version

The new Sands of Aura can be purchased on Steam and the Epic Games Store with an expense of 20,99 euro. Players will immediately have access to the title which, in this first phase, will be available in version Early Access. In the near future, several new features are coming that will enrich the features of the game, in parallel with the completion of the development.

For the moment, there are still no precise details regarding the timing of the game’s Early Access. Sands of Aura has been in development for over 4 years and the first version released by the Chashu Entertainment team has received positive reviews from both audiences and critics. For more details on the project you can consult the official site.

The official trailer

The new title is shown in a new trailer ufficiale, released on the occasion of the debut of the Early Access version:

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