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No more rental scooters in Paris from 1st September

The outcome of the referendum stop i scooters a rental a Paris from 1 September. So the three sharing companies Lime, Dott and Tier Mobility “take note”. The vote of the citizens of Paris against use of the scooters electric in free service. This announced by the mayor Anne HidalgoSunday (April 02) speak clearly.

Paris, stop to rental scooters: the note of the three operators

I Three operators confirm that their contract “it will not be renewed from 1 September“. Precisely they let it be known through a note. “We take note of this unprecedented consultation. Whose participation could have been wider and more representative. If the methods of voting had been different”.

The note continues: “More seats, electronic ballot, municipal information”, underlines the release of the three operators. These add that it was expressed “the 6.7% of Parisians registered on the electoral roll“, equivalent al “4.2% of the Parisian population“.

Electric scooter, Pixabay sourceElectric scooters, source Pixabay

“This – deplore Dott, Lime and Tier – leads to digging a ditch between those in favor and against. These of a magnitude rarely seen in a vote in France, reflecting asymmetrical conditions”.

The operators continue: “The The result of this vote will have a direct impact on the movement of 400,000 people a month. From now on, our priority as responsible employers is to secure the future of our employees.” There are about 800 in Paris for the three sharing companies. Dr, Lime and Tier.

Furthermore, they now hope for a “rapid resumption of dialogue with the municipality to discuss the next steps”. And they specify that they continue “to offer electric bike rental services” in the French capital.

In particular, Mathieu Gorse, director general of Dott, explains to RMC radio. “The rental of electric scooters represents about a third of its turnover in Paris”.

Rental scooters, as is the situation in Italy

While in Italy there is the proposed law of the Fdi deputies. This is broader and concerns not only scooters, but any electric means of transport on wheels. Above all, it provides that “knowledge of the traffic rules, an adequate protection system for both the driver and any passengers (if any) are mandatory for everyone, in addition to insurance and a license plate or similar element that makes the half”.

In the end Andrea Mascaretti first signatory of the proposal, argues: “rules equal per everyone those who they circulate with a mezzo a motor on the road: license, helmet, number plate and insurance“.

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