Nobody Saves the World: Trailer about cooperative mode and combined skills

A new video trailer for Nobody Saves the World introduces co-op and skill combinations possible with other players

Announced during the Xbox indie game showcase in late March, Nobody Saves the World is the new RPG work from Canadian development theme DrinkBox Studios. The studio is already renowned for creating the Aztec-echoing game Guacamelee, and this new game is slated to be exclusive to Microsoft systems. Set in a world subjected to a threatening calamity, the player will be a Nobody, a nobody, therefore able to take on different forms, each with its own and unique abilities. Leaving for a moment the metroidvania style of their previous work, one can glimpse a roguelike with medievally cartoonish. In a new trailer released earlier, it is also possible to see the skills combined with other characters, as well as the cooperative mode.

The trailer for Nobody Saves the World fun co-op mode

In a last trailer, presented at the beginning of September this year, the various game mechanics were shown that make this title quite different from the usual dungeon crawlers and roguelikes: players will have the ability to mix and combine the skills possessed from the various assumable forms, and one is given possibility of customization very vast. For example, assuming the form of the Monk, very resistant but not very effective in the attack, it can be combined with the skills of the Zombite, thus transforming enemies into helping zombies. In addition, the Nobody Saves the World co-op mode shown in the new trailer opens the door to even more fun and fascinating scenarios.

In the video it is shown the synergy that can be created between the various powers to give rise to formidable builds: an example shown is how a player with the role of Horse can poison enemies with an ability, while another player with the Form of Mouse is able to detonate the poison to cause enormous damage. Additional abilities can be unlocked to reduce the detonation cooldown. Completing quests will find new forms and abilities, and the dungeons will become increasingly difficult, leading to the need to adapt in accordance as you progress through the levels.

The game will be released on Xbox One, Xbox Series X, Xbox Series X and PC, although a precise release date has not yet been released. Keep following us on for more gaming news, and check out the Instant Gaming store for new games at affordable prices.

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