Nokia and WINDTRE: the partnership for a high-performance optical backbone

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The new Nokia solution supports line speeds up to 600 Gbit / s while WINDTRE will benefit from the cost-benefit advantages of the optical network. The latter will be characterized by high scalability and resilience.

WINDTRE and Nokia together to create a DWDM solution

Nokia was selected by WINDTRE in Italy as a partner in charge of the implementation of a new high-performance optical backbone. At the heart of WINDTRE’s national network infrastructure, the photonics backbone will have the task of manage the traffic generated by the whole country. In doing so, the brand will meet the growing need for ultra-fast connections and provide high-capacity services to business customers.

The cost-effective DWDM solution leverages Nokia’s fifth generation super-coherent PSE-V (PSE-Vs) chipsets. These support programmable line rates up to 600 G on pure photonic infrastructures and optimizing consumption and environmental impact. Thanks to the use of redundant nodes with wave router configurations, mesh structure and GMPLS-based recovery functions, the new backbone will be able to instantly redirect traffic as needed. In doing so, it will deliver the high levels of reliability and robustness required by these business-critical infrastructures.

Benoit Hanssen, Chief Technology Officer of WINDTRE, said: “Nokia’s solution, based on industry-leading coherent technology. This will help us deliver next generation broadband services to customers and businesses in the most efficient way. “

The Nokia PSE-V platform: an advanced solution for uncompromising connections

Satisfaction also shared by Sergio Solivera Vela, Vice President of the Mediterranean area of ​​Nokia, which states: “We have developed a long and successful relationship with WINDTRE and are extremely happy to expand that relationship with the implementation of the optical backbone. Our latest consistent technology solutions will provide WINDTRE with huge capabilities that can expand with growing user demand. All without any compromise in terms of reliability “.

The platform Nokia PSE-V represents the most advanced family of DSP (Digital Signal Processor) solutions equipping Nokia’s compact and modular high-capacity, high-performance transponders, packet optical switches and subsea terminal platforms. The PSE-V Super Coherent DSP (PSE-Vs) platform implements the only probabilistic modeling of the constellation (PCS) platform with continuous baud rate regulation. It also supports long distance wavelength capability, including support for the 400G standard over any distance, with high spectrum efficiency channels at 100 GHz WDM. The result is a further reduction in network costs and consumption per bit.