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Nokia G11 G21: the new smartphones that last three days

Designed to last longer Nokia G11 and G21 fight low battery anxiety and provide twice the security updates. Let’s see them together

HMD Global, the home of Nokia phones, announces a pair of new smartphones of the G series, Nokia G11 e Nokia G21. I telefoni Nokia sono famous for the battery lifeand these new Android smartphones they are no exception: in fact, they guarantee aimpressive duration of three days and the new mode Super Battery Saveras well as multiple security updates.

“We continue to push the boundaries in the mid-range segment by providing affordable, secure and competitive technology. I am delighted to unveil two new models in our G series, Nokia G11 and Nokia G21. The two devices embody the solidity and battery life that Nokia phones became famous for all those years ago. These features, combined with the best of Android software, and more security updates than the competition in this price category, cement our vision for 2022 and beyond – as we continue to design phones that last longer. “

Florian Cuttlefish, CEO from HMD Global.

Unmatched protection for mobile technology that lasts longer

The double the updates safety compared to the competition for keep protected i important data – Nokia G11 and Nokia G21 will work seamless in the background so you can to live yours day without worries.

The introduction of the Mask mode in budget smartphones – available for the first time on the G series – ensures the convenience of face unlock. Keep yours data safe with The without protective mask.

The fact of being “Android 12 ready”Ensures that they have access to the latest features e last longer always al maximum from the performance.

Backed by industry-leading partners for best-in-class experiences, Nokia G11 and Nokia G21 feature Spotify e ExpressVPN pre-installed: the former offers access to 70 million songs e 3.2 million podcasts out of the box. For more privacy e calm, ExpressVPN is now available on all new smartphones Nokia with a try 30 days free.

Nokia G11 G21: the new smartphones that last three days

Nokia G11 G21: long-lasting battery to stay connected all day

The impressive time of the battery three days it is perfect for those who want continuation their day without worries. Whether it is capture memories o di watch your favorite showsto remain connected all day it’s easy with the new Nokia G11 and Nokia G21.

Activate the new mode Super Battery Saver per extend further the time of your battery – you can too choose where he comes carried out the energy saving so you can still access key features. Nokia G11 and Nokia G21 allow you to activate this function at any time.

Fast response for increased productivity

Making it available 90Hz of power for the first time in the G series, the speed of refresh makes it scrolling and the typing even more fluids, and photos appear smoother.

Breathtaking photography with Nokia G21

the versatile triple lens cameras will allow anyone to take professional-looking photographsoffering wonderful details even in conditions of low light. On that front, l’artificial intelligence ensures that your evening selfies have the right amount of light e sharpness. Furthermore, with AI Super Resolutionthe new devices they raise the quality of the zoom of your shots for a surprising result.

Nokia G11 G21: the new smartphones that last three days

New design, usual Finnish reliability

With a all new designNokia G11 e Nokia G21 sono thinner ed ergonomic. Made in sturdy polycarbonatethe new design makes the time and theNordic excellence you expect from a Nokia phone, while carrying a renewed look to the range. For added peace of mind, the Clear Caseavailable for both phones, will put in show the beauty of yours phone. It is made of recycled materials and it can be in turn recycled after use.

Nokia G11 G21: the new smartphones that last three days

Find your perfect audio companion

Per offer more choicethe new headphones are available in versions with e without wire. Made for comfort, the cuffie wireless e cablate Nokia offer extra powerful bass thanks to driver gives 40mm high quality. The super lightweight design comes with a soft padding above the ear and a folding arm for more comfort e practicality. Calls a hands free e voice assistant support smart make the experience seamless whether you stay working The listening your favorite songs.

If wireless is the way for you, rest assured that the Nokia wireless headphones will keep up with your wishes – enjoy up to 62 hours of uninterrupted listening with a single charge.

Offering a clear sound it’s a comfortable fit of very high value, the new ones Nokia Go Earbuds2 + I’m really wireless and equipped with ambient noise cancellation (ENC) for a notable clarity of voice in calls. The rating IPX4 it means that I am sweat resistant and ai splash – combined with 24 hours of playback, you can enjoy them even on the wettest days. They are equipped with a simple touch pad for the check audio and Fast Pair per connect instantly to your Android device.

Take it one step further with new ones Nokia Go Earbuds2 Pro — in I arrive with game mode e low latency videoyou can enjoy the audio for an immersive multimedia experience.

Nokia G11 G21: prices and availability

Nokia G21 is available starting from 229€ in color Nordic Blue (navy) in the configuration from 4/128GB. Until the March 13 by purchasing in the Nokia store you can get the 10% discount on the cover made from recycled material.
Nokia G11 will be available soon on the Nokia site in color Charcoal (dark gray / black) in the configuration from 4/64GB.
Nokia accessories will be available a short on the Nokia website.

What do you think of the new Nokia device? Let us know yours in the comments section, then I invite you to follow our mobile section so as not to miss any news or reviews.

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