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No Man’s Sky: Sentinels will bring many changes to the combat system

Hello Games has announced in a totally unexpected way the new update of No Man’s Skywhich will be called Sentinels and, in a completely unusual way for the space exploration game, it will not expand the exploration component of the title, but rather its combat system, a component that has always been rather secondary within the adventure.

No Man’s Sky: The next expansion will be called Sentinels

The Sentinels expansion will be free, so all owners of the game will be able to install it at no additional cost, a much appreciated feature and which once again demonstrates how the guys at Hello Games care very much about the fate of their procedural title focused on space exploration. But let’s get to us: what exactly does Sentinels add?

With this expansion, players will be able to count on a series of improvements relating to the game’s firefights, and more generally to the entire combat system. Just to give a few examples, this update improves the visual effects of hits, introduces stun grenades and allows you to modify your multi-tool to inflict various types of elemental damage.

Not to mention that then we will also be able to count on an optical camouflage device, so you can opt for a stealth approach instead of engaging in open-face battle and it will even be possible to install some chips on the mechs to make real companions during the clashes, during which they will help us with every means at their disposal, which will prove very useful.

Yes, because in Sentinels, as the name suggests, the new generation Sentinels will be introduced, which we are sure will be able to give even the most experienced space adventurers a hard time.

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