Nokia: National Retro Day offers are here!

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Celebrate National Retro Day with a Nokia-branded feature phone: 10% off until Sunday 5 March, what are you waiting for?

Feature phones are making a comeback thanks to the progressive quest for simplicity and digital detox. The confirmation of this trend comes from the data: le retro trends and early 2000s show no signs of slowing down into early 2023, but do see an increase over 2021 in terms of Google searches for “Y2K,” as GWI’s latest Gen Z report notes. To best celebrate National Retro Day, you can buy a feature phone directly on the official Nokia website. By entering discount code RETROfrom Monday 27 February until 11.59 pm on Sunday 5 March, you will get a 10% discount.

Gen Z and Millennials love this type of device for several reasons: the clamshell design and retro aesthetics of the camera are reminiscent of the 90s and the year 2000, which are so fashionable in recent times. Plus, with text and call-only capabilities, they’re ideal for getting back to basics if you want to reduce screen time and digital detox. The iconic Nokia 3310, given its unforgettable shape, is still a favorite and has that element of fun and pleasure with classic features like Snake.

– Adam Ferguson, Head of Product Marketing di HMD Global

Nokia: National Retro Day offers are here!

Nokia National Retro Day: 2660 Flip

Starting from 79,99€. Iconic flip design with display, buttons and large interface. Made from tough polycarbonate with a selection of stylish colors including red, black and blue. Battery designed for last days, so you can go about the day with peace of mind and keep your phone for years. You can listen to FM radio through earphone or speaker, enjoy sports, music or your favorite broadcasts at home or on the go.

Nokia National Retro Day: 8210 4G

Starting from 79,99€. Fall in love with the return of an icon: Nokia 8210 4G has been redesigned for a modern audience and represents a timeless classic for retro lovers.
Nokia 8210 4G is inspired by the classic feature phone, but now packed with modern features like built-in MP3 player, wired and wireless FM radio and camera to capture the best moments, plus fan favorite games like “Snake”. The lightweight and compact design is matched by a massive battery that allows for longer talk times and weeks of standby time, so users can call, text and go offline with peace of mind.

Nokia National Retro Day: 5710 XpressAudio

Starting from 89,99€. An absolutely unique device. This innovative feature phone comes with built-in wireless earphones, housed under a sleek and sturdy slider on the back of the phone, allowing you to save pocket space and charge on the go.
A unique and elegant design, available in Italy in the black/red color combination.
Dedicated music keys make it easy to play, the mp3 player built-in stores thousands of songs and wireless FM radio lets you stay up to date at home or on the go. The large 1450mAh battery provides even longer talk and playback time and lasts for weeks on standby.

Nokia: National Retro Day offers are here!

Nokia National Retro Day: 3310

Starting from 59,99€. An iconic phone, redesigned for today with a new rounded shape in a selection of classic colors. In Italy it is available in black and orange.
Remember when you could leave the house without a charger? With the new Nokia 3310 it is possible talk all day or stay on standby for 1 month thanks to the long-lasting battery. Beat your high score with the legendary Snake game, updated for color screens.

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