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Bullitt brings satellite connection to every smartphone

BARCELONA – Al Mobile World Congress 2023 connectivity plays a key role. Even the satellite one, which Bullitt brought into the smartphone world both with Cat S75 than with the Bluetooth device Motorola Defy Satellite Link. Which can connect all smartphones, both Android and iOS, to the Bullitt Satellite Connect service. We asked Bullitt’s Country Manager for Italy to tell us, Maurice DiCarlo, how the satellite connection can offer peace of mind and security.

Bullitt brings satellite connection to every smartphone

Chatting on the Bullitt stand at the Barcelona fair, Di Carlo explains that: “Among the many products at the Mobile World Congress we see new and interesting smartphones. But true innovation, the one that solves people’s problems, is missing. We at Bullitt, who thirteen years ago have iInvented the concept of rugged device – therefore resistant and safe from every point of view – we want to confirm ourselves as pioneers in bringing innovation in this area. From the resistance IP59K (resistant to hot and high pressure water) until thermal cameras“.

The novelty of this year concerns the scope of connections. “Already at CES in Las Vegas and now at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, Bullitt brings the satellite connection to the most complete and resistant smartphone ever: Cat S75″.

The device, he explains, has the same hardware and software specifications (with some differences in design) as the Motorola Defy that we tested earlier this year in Las Vegas, where we previewed the satellite connectivity of Bullitt Satellite Connect.

Di Carlo explains that this is “the most resistant smartphone ever, the non plus ultra of our technology. Indeed it can resistant up to one hour at five meters deep in water (it is IP69K), it can withstand drops of six feet on any surface. It also has a battery that lasts two days and can really withstand anything. But the leap in quality is made by connectivity”.

Bullitt, the two-way satellite connection on a smartphone

As long as we are covered by the 4G or 5G network, our smartphones are really powerful: they can allow us to access a whole world of resources. But when there is no network – at sea, in the mountains, in the open countryside and in many other areas not so far from us – they become decidedly less useful.

“When we find ourselves in situations where my phone doesn’t pick up, but I need to communicate with someone or I’m even in an emergency situation: what can I do? We at Bullitt therefore launched in Las Vegas at CES and in Barcelona for the MWC the first smartphone with two-way satellite connection“.

A complete smartphone – and satellite

Di Carlo explains that the Cat S75 turns out to be a normal rugged Android smartphone with 5G. Rather thin despite the great resistance, it has all the features you expect from a modern smartphone (we also tested the NFC of Di Carlo’s smartphone with our digital business card). “Rugged smartphones used to be too bulky and inelegant in design. Cat S75, on the other hand, is a smartphone with a modern style and really suitable for everyone. Also from a software perspective, we have Android 12 as an operating system and we guarantee two years of updating plus five years of security – at a minimum“.

The device is also washable with bleach and alcohol, as well as having the tecnologia Hygiene Plus with silver ions to ensure there is no pathogens of any kind. Something that after these pandemic years is really important.

The change of pace, however, comes from connectivity. “Our app Bullitt Satellite Messenger allows you to send text messages via satellite, all over the world. And the message can reach any phone: our family or friends will receive an SMS with the text we have written. In the message they receive, they also find a link to download the application on their smartphone to reply to it. This way you can communicate with any Android and iOS device“.

The satellite connection becomes smart

If the fact of being able to use a complete Android smartphone to connect to the satellite is already an interesting novelty, the service itself is particularly convenient. “We have different packages for satellite messages. The Essential annual package for example costs 4.90 euros per month, providing connection and 250 satellite messages at no upfront cost. When the messages run out, users can then renew or upgrade. In addition, in the unfortunate event that emergency services need to be contacted, our global partner Focus Point handles problem triage and consequence alerting ambulances, firefighters or law enforcement.”

Di Carlo explains that the service will ask a series of questions in the language chosen by you to understand the situation, and then contact the emergency services in the local language: assistance all over the world, therefore. “This emergency service is free for the first twelve months from the purchase of the phone, even if I don’t make any subscription”.

Di Carlo explains to us that it is about giving “peace of mind for customers. Who know they can contact the authorities if needed. But also, for example, for parents who want to know that their child has arrived at the mountain hut where there is no reception: they have no more excuses for not notifying the house!”.

Bullitt brings satellite connection via Bluetooth as Motorola Defy Satellite Link

The other big news that Bullitt brings to the Mobile World Congress is called Motorola Defy Satellite Link: a device that allows you to bring the satellite connection to any smartphone. “This is an IoT device that brings the same satellite connected experience that we have on the Cat S75 to any smartphone. All through the Bluetooth connection. Whether it’s Android or iOS, you can send messages via our app in satellite connection”.

bullitt satellite link mwc 2023

It is a small device, very light and with a simple hook to carry it with you on your backpack or tie it to your shorts if you go running. And by connecting via Bluetooth, the whole family can use it.

“I can give the Motorola Defy Satellite Link to my son when he goes on a white week in the mountains, even if he prefers another brand for whatever reason. When he comes back, I can take him back and take him on a sailing boat with me ”. And the same can also be applied to the teams of a company that need a satellite connection, giving the maximum flexibility.

Di Carlo also shows us an orange button on the Motorola Defy Satellite Link, which you can press in case of emergency even without having associated a smartphone to call for help. A smart solution for those who, for example, run in the mountains and don’t want to take their phone with them – but want to stay safe. “I can too use the geolocation feature to send my location to a number of my choosing. For example, if I trail in an isolated place, this device really becomes an insurance if something unpredictable should happen”.

Price and availability of products

Di Carlo explains that this product will cost in Italy 179 eurowith already the Essential package included in the first year. If you want the Cat S75 – which also means having a rugged rugged phone running Android – you’ll have to pay for it 649 euro. But if you already have a smartphone and want a satellite connection for your security and peace of mind, you can bet on the Motorola Defy Satellite Link. You can buy it in any electronics store, even online.

The Cat S75 will arrive in Italy in a few weeks (you can already order it here), while the Motorola Defy Satellite Link in April. Two solutions that allow you to have connectivity on your smartphone anywhere – even where there is no other network coverage.

Di Carlo explains that no one else in the world has products of this type: Bullitt therefore becomes a point of reference for satellite connection via smartphone. You can find more information here.

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