Nokia Streaming Stick 800: the device that makes TVs smart

Trasformare il vecchio televisore in uno Smart TV con il Nokia Streaming Stick 800 thumbnail

Il Nokia Streaming Stick 800 is the new device that canò transform an old TV into a modern Smart TV, with an updated software platform full of applications for home entertainment. The device connects to the TV via the HDMI port and has dimensions comparable to other devices in the category, with minimal dimensions.

Nokia Streaming Stick 800: how to make any TV smart

The new Nokia Streaming Stick 800 is made by StreamView GmbH, licensee of the Nokia brand for Smart TVs and set top boxes in Europe. The device can rely on Android TV and on access to applications of the Google Play Store.

Thanks to the support to Google Chromecast integrated, it is also possible to share the contents you are watching on your smartphone, tablet or laptop on the large TV screen. It is therefore a complete product for home entertainment.

The installation and configuration procedure is very quick. In addition, everything you need is already included in the package to be able to connect the Nokia device to the TV and take advantage of the smart platform. In addition, on the remote control there is the quick link to Google Assistant.

The Nokia Streaming Stick 800 arrives in Italy with a introductory price of 59.90 euros. For more details you can consult the official StreamView website. The device will also be on sale at electronics retailers in Italy.