AGON by AOC unveils the AGM600 high performance gaming mouse

AGON by AOC svela il mouse gaming ad alte prestazioni AGM600 thumbnail

AGON by AOCone of the world’s leading brands of gaming monitors and accessories, recently unveiled the new mouse gaming AGON AGM600. The device is dedicated to fans of esports and you have avid FPS players e action games, and is characterized by an ergonomic and comfortable design. Let’s find out all the details together.

The features of AGON by AOC’s AGM600 mouse

The mouse is one essential tool per beat opponents in competitions. The ideal device in fact must be capable of withstand the most demanding conditions and meet the more complex needs.

AGON by AOC has the solution for you, its new mouse AGM600.

The new AGON AGM600 gaming mouse boasts a sensor now known by all, the Pixart PMW3389. The sensor is capable of support excellent resolution from 16,000 points per inch, an ‘acceleration of 50 g it’s a 400 inch precision tracking per second.

The Pixart sensor is essential as it guarantees a precise movement e rapid both on the desk and on the mouse pad. Moreover, thanks to the frequency of polling di 1 ms / 1000 Hz, the connection between the mouse and the game is continuous. The mouse is also equipped with switches Kailh extremely durable, with a capacity of 80 million clicksand one metal scroll wheel.

Plus the mouse boasts a ergonomic shape ad arco, the AGM600 supports both “palm” and “claw” grips for the right hand. The matte UV protective layer instead it gives a comfortable feeling on the hand. THE Teflon feet on the bottom of the AGM600 guarantee a easy maneuverability on different types of mats or surfaces. The device is also light, resistant and will accompany you even in the most adrenaline-pumping situations.

The AGM600 has also received technology certification NVIDIA Reflexwhich highlights the low latency and the reactivity. This means that when the mouse is connected to a monitor, the technology NVIDIA Reflex Latency Analyzeris able to accurately display the total system latency for each component. By doing so, players will have the option of iidentify slowdowns in their systems to ensure they compete with the lowest possible latency.

Show your style

AGM600 is equipped with 10 customizable buttons in total and even one scroll wheel-button metal e three side buttons. Also, under the scroll wheel, there are two buttons for increase o diminish easily i DPI.

Finally, the AGM600 is equipped with two additional buttons next to the left mouse button, which by default allow users to adjust the volume. The AGON by AOC mouse offers a wide range of customization thanks to the software G-MenuAOC’s hub for total control of all functions of monitors, keyboards, headphones, mice and other accessories.

For more information you can consult the official site.