Nokia X20: Developers will be able to shape Android 12

HMD Global, the home of Nokia phones, reveals that the preview of Android 12 for developers will arrive soon on the Nokia X20, allowing them to get a first taste of the innovations of Google’s new operating system. Let’s find out more together

Thanks to the preview program of Android 12, developers will be able to create, test and fine-tune their own apps, before the expected launch of the new operating system expected during the year. Starting from the second half of 2021 it will be possible to do this using the Nokia X20.

Nokia X20: Developers will be able to shape Android 12

Nokia X20: the statements of HMD Global

We are very excited to announce, thanks to our close collaboration with Google, that we will soon be able to offer access to the first beta of Android 12.

Stephen Taylor, Chief marketing Officer of HMD Global, who adds:

We understand that people want to use their phones longer and, with a Nokia phone, it’s not just the durability of the hardware that is standard. Smooth software that runs like new for years is just as important, which is why we want to work closely with our developer community to create the best user experience possible. Longevity is the foundation of our new line of Nokia smartphones, so we offer up to three years of operating system updates – recognized as one of the most comprehensive offerings in the smartphone market – and continue to be the leader in security updates. Nokia X20 joins a family of devices that have helped shape Android for years.

We look forward to receiving feedback from the community of Nokia enthusiasts, so that we can meet their needs and continue to offer our customers even more value from the smartphones they love.

Nokia X20: Developers will be able to shape Android 12

Nokia X20: how to join the Android 12 preview

Developers participating in the program will be able to collaborate, share ideas and suggestions using the Nokia phone community forum. To be part of it, simply register via MyPhoneApp, available on all Nokia smartphones. Also, thanks to the Android 12 preview program, app experts will be able to communicate directly in 16 languages ​​with the HMD Global developer team.

The program provides fundamental support for the development of the next Android operating system. Thanks to feedback coming from users of different geographical areas and cultures, the reporting and the analysis errors will help fine-tune Android 12 for end users.

Nokia X20: Developers will be able to shape Android 12

New features of Android 12

Here are some of the new features that Android 12 will make available to the user:

  • Support for AVIF images– so you don’t have to sacrifice photo quality due to large file sizes;
  • Feedback aptico– Paired with audio for more immersive gaming and sound experiences;
  • Renewal of app launch animations: for a quality experience;
  • Improvement of privacy and security features: for maximum protection of personal data.


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