NordVPN parla italiano, e non è l'unica novità dell'aggiornamento thumbnail

NordVPN launches a free version: here are all the details

NordVPN launches a free version: here are all the details thumbnail

Try NordVPN Here, Best VPN Service in Italy

From today you can use NordVPN in free version, without having to have an active subscription plan. The novelty is part of a progressive process of renewal of the product, which now becomes open source thanks to Meshnet. In the press release with which NordVPN announced the free version we read:

“NordVPN is going through one of its biggest transformations yet. Thanks to a recent product update, a new and simple file sharing functionality via Meshnet will now be available, as well as an open source Linux application. Furthermore, Meshnet will be free for everyone.”

How the free version of NordVPN works

Thanks to the update, you can use NordVPN services even without an active subscription plan. Specifically, users will have free access to:

Try NordVPN Here, Best VPN Service in Italy

  • Meshnet: the service that creates a peer-to-peer VPN tunnel between fixed and mobile devices. This allows them to bypass internet throttling by routing network traffic through any remote device in the world, as long as NordVPN is installed. Any Windows, Mac or Linux device can turn into a personal VPN server. This means that users will be able to enjoy all the benefits they have at home or those provided by other users, regardless of their current location.
  • File sharing: always thanks to Meshnet users can instantly share files from one device to another. Any file sent via Meshnet goes through a peer-to-peer VPN tunnel with end-to-end encryption, making it the safest sharing option.

Also some NordVPN products become open-source. In particular we talk about Libtel (a network library used in NordVPN apps on all operating systems) e Libdrop (a library used to share files on Meshnet).

For more information, we refer you to the official Meshnet website.

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