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Android 14 will block task killer apps

Android 14 development continues. The new version of Google’s operating system will only be released during the second half of 2023, even if the Developer Preview is already available. Among the innovations Google is working on for the future of Android is the blocking “task killer” appsthose applications that kill background apps in an attempt (usually unsuccessfully) to speed up the phone.

Android 14 will block task killer apps

The app “task killer” their core business is close background processes with the promise of improving smartphone performance. Very often, however, this promise is not kept and performance even gets worse due to the need for the operating system to restart processes closed by these apps.

Con Android 14However, this problem will be removed. Task killer apps will stop working with the new version of Android via the remove the killBackgroundProcesses API (which Google already advises against using). Without this API, in fact, these applications will no longer be able to do their (all too often useless) work.

On the matter, Google clarified that “it is not possible for a third-party application to improve the memory, power or thermal behavior of an Android device”. Therefore, developers will have to adapt their applications to these guidelines, eliminating functions aimed at modifying the behavior of the system.

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