Not just cars, Tesla also wants to sell headphones and speakers

Non solo auto, Tesla vuole vendere anche cuffie e speaker thumbnail

Tesla aims to expand the boundaries of its business: it has filed a trademark to start selling audio products, come headphones e speaker. The company would have filed both the TESLA name and the T logo seen in the automotive world, to embark on a new commercial adventure.

Tesla ready to launch into the business of headphones and speakers

The news comes from Electrek, at the request of a reader who discovered the documents with which Tesla filed the trademark. In another category. In fact, the text of the document states that the trademark will cover: “microphones, headphones, earphones, digital audio players, speakers, music reproduction equipment, subwoofers, headphone pavilions, audio interfaces, equalizers, horns for loudspeakers, megaphones “.

In short, the whole audio world. As always, a company can decide to apply a registered trademark also for products that does not intend to market, even just to avoid having your name associated with a different product category. But the decision to focus on the audio world comes after a time when Tesla gave up particular importance al audio system of their cars.

The novelty may simply be that Tesla wants to launch speakers for its home-built vehicles. But the possibility that he’s developing dedicated headphones or speakers isn’t all that unrealistic. From speakers to broadcast music outside vehicles to special horns, the company has focused heavily on audio in its vehicles. Maybe he wants to bet on a cross-selling action, with a line of audio products for those who want to show their loyalty to the brand.

After all, to develop the sound system of Model S Tesla attracted engineers from Bang & Olufsen and other manufacturers with decades of experience in the sector. It could also use their capabilities to launch premium audio products.

There is currently no specific information of new hardware coming. But we will keep you updated if the situation changes.

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