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Not rosy forecasts for the 2023 CPU market

A freezing 2023 is expected for the CPU market: no 12- or 16-core Zen4 X3D processors and no Meteor Lake until 2024

ECSM_Official is a very reliable source, especially on CPU and platform related news. Today, he made some new predictions about the release timing of the next desktop processors and how 2023 could unfold for Intel e AMD. 2022 is over and neither brand is expected to launch new desktop processors.

Intel (here for more info) should complete the family of 13th generation Core desktop processors “Raptor Lake” in Q1 2023. With the addition of “locked” non-K SKUs covering all four brand extensions (i3/i5/i7/i9). Apart from these, Intel is expected to launch its new flagship, the Core i9-13900KSwith boost frequencies reaching i 6 GHz. This is in an attempt to stave off the threat of “Zen 4” with 3D Vertical Cache. A technology that brought the gaming performance of “Zen 3” to match that of “Alder Lake”.

Not rosy forecasts for the 2023 CPU market

Details on the CPU market in 2023

The launch of processors i9-13900KS e AMD Ryzen 7000X3D is scheduled for mid-H1-2023 (March-April). AMD is expected to release only 6-core/12-thread and 8-core/16-thread SKUs with 3DV cache technology. These would be single-CCD packets. Nothing is known about dual-CCD ones with 12 or 16 cores, so a Ryzen 9 7950X3D isn’t on the horizon.

AMD is expected to debut the chipset A620 for entry-level motherboards in Q2 2023. This chipset reportedly lacks the ability to overclock the CPU, is expected to lack PCIe Gen 5, and limit memory speeds to DDR5-4800. Intel should update its line 13th generation Core processors with new SKUs in Q3 2023. For now, all that is known about these “Raptor Lake Refresh” processors is that they will have a 100-200 MHz speed boost over existing 13th generation Core SKUs. This also means that the LGA1700 platform and “Raptor Lake” will be Intel’s benchmark throughout 2023. While the 14th generation “Meteor Lake” will not be launched before 2024.

Looking forward to 2024 for “better times”

While “Meteor LakeIt will dominate Intel’s line of mobile processors, it will have a limited presence on the desktop side, due to its core count of 6P+16E. Despite the increased IPC on both P cores and E- cores. These processors, however, will make their debut on the next generation Socket LGA1851 platform. In 2024 Intel will launch processors”Meteor Lake” e “Arrow Lake” from 15th generation. The “Arrow Lake” SoC will bring the core-counts back to the well-known 8P+16E, with an increase in the IPC at least for the P cores, compared to those of “Meteor Lake”. In summary, the 2023 will be a warm year for the launch of new processors/platforms, mainly due to the downturn in the PC sector. Intel and AMD will want to make less risky bets.

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