Notebook: the most recommended models of the moment

The notebook has now become indispensable. Let’s find out which are the most recommended models of the moment

The notebook has now become indispensable: a real ally not only for work and study but also for leisure time. In fact, if the fixed PC has been gradually put aside and the tablet is often too small to carry out some activities, the notebook is placed in a middle ground, proving to be very useful in all situations. However, depending on how the device is used, it is important to choose the right model and it is certainly not a simple operation, given that there are thousands of them on the market. So let’s see together what are the most recommended notebooks of the moment: from the most performing to those with the best quality-price ratio.

Apple MacBook Pro 14 ”: the king of notebooks

There is no denying: the MacBook Pro 14 ”released in 2021 it is the real king of notebooks: a gem that certainly does not disappoint expectations and that has absolutely convincing features. Of course, it should be noted right away, even if it is now well known, that for a product like this one must be willing to shell out a large sum. On the other hand, Apple never compromises on the price of its devices and even in this case it does not contradict itself. The MacBook Pro 14 ”of 2021, which by the way is a novelty, has in fact a list price of 2,349 euros. Mediaworld offers it discounted, so it is worth taking a look on the online portal, but it remains an expensive notebook and there is no doubt about this. Recommended for those who need an unbeatable performance device, the 14 “MacBook Pro boasts an Apple M1 Pro octa-core processor combined with a RAM also i 16 GB and this is already enough to understand its quality.

ASUS TUF FX516PM-AZ003T 15,6”

Definitely more affordable in terms of price and no less than the MacBook Pro, l’ASUS TUF FX516PM-AZ003T it represents an excellent compromise for those willing to abandon Apple notebooks for a device that still offers exceptional performance. The list price of this other gem is 1,699 euros but at some retailers it is possible to find it discounted and not a little. The display is wider, therefore perfect for those who do graphics but also for those who use the notebook for gaming or streaming. The RAM also in this case is 16 GB and the maximum supported is 32GB. The processor instead is an Intel Core i7 which certainly does not disappoint.

Lenovo IdeaPad 5 15,6”

For those looking for a good quality notebook but definitely cheaper than the previous ones, the Lenovo IdeaPad 5 represents a beautiful alternative, definitely worth considering. The display also in this case is large because it is 15.6 “and the processor is a 2.4 GHz Intel Core which does not offer impressive performance as in the top of the range but which nevertheless does not disappoint expectations. There RAM scende a 8 GB but on the other hand we are talking about a much cheaper model than the previous ones: the list price is 799 euros, but it is not certain that, looking closely in some electronics stores, it cannot be found at an even lower price.