Now AI also makes carbonara and 90% of users cannot distinguish it from the real one

Ora l’AI fa anche la carbonara e il 90% degli utenti non la distingue da quella vera thumbnail

Well yes, artificial intelligence (AI) has also achieved a plate of carbonara and almost all people do not distinguish it from the real one. No, no dishes to wash, ingredients to grind, and artificial fragrances. The carbonara in question is just a photo, generated by the artificial intelligence of Midjourney (the same one that had created the photos of the Pope dressed in Mahmood).

Midjourney, which recently became a paid service, leverage AI to generate images starting from a text command. The algorithm synthesizes hundreds of thousands of results to produce a single, in-the-moment image of what is requested of it.

Carbonara AI? The experiment deceives 9 out of 10 Italians

Given the incredible computing power of AI, Pastificio Garofalo and the foodtech start-up Al.ta Cucina have decided to carry out an experiment. On the occasion of #CarbonaraDay (which was celebrated yesterday, April 7), they asked AI to make a plate of carbonara. Then they took a photo of a real carbonara and conducted a survey.

The Republic reports that 87% of Italians were unable to notice the difference. Only 1 in 10 users recognized the imposter, recognizing the AI ​​image as fake.

While it is true that this carbonara was just an image, artificial intelligence has actually already created something that will soon arrive on our tables. Beck’s has in fact announced that it will release a limited edition of Autonomousa beer with a “futuristic” look, entirely defined and developed by artificial intelligence, from the recipe, to the logo, through the packaging and even the marketing campaign.