Microsoft punta su Edge: ecco la campagna "contro" Chrome thumbnail

From today DALL-E AI Image Generato is integrated with Microsoft Edge

From today DALL-E AI Image Generated is integrated with Microsoft Edge thumbnail

Good news for users who browse through Edge, the browser from Microsoft. From today it is in fact possible to use DALL-E AI Image Generator directly from the sidebar, without having to access the appropriate site.

Recall that DALL-E is the artificial intelligence of OpenAi (the same company that created ChatGPT). The AI ​​allows you to generate images starting from a text commandsimilar to the very popular Midjourney (which just recently announced that it will stop being free). Unlike Midjourney, however, DALL-E does not require access via Discord, which means that it is possible to generate AI images directly from the browser. On Microsoft Edge then, thanks to the integration announced today, there is not even need to access the appropriate website.

DALL-E AI Image Generator on Edge: Microsoft is one step ahead of Google again

If you have updated Microsoft Edge to the latest version, you will find the commands for DALL-E AI Image Generator on the right sidebar. It should be noted that the integration has only been released for a few hours, so it may take a few days for the feature to roll out to all users. DALL-E is currently only available from desktop.

With this move, Microsoft becomes the first browser to integrate an AI image generator. Not only that, with the launch of Bing ChatMicrosoft is introduced to the world the first search engine with artificial intelligence. A maneuver that has given it a large advantage over its main competitor, Google, which it is still testing Google Bard and only yesterday it announced that it will integrate a proprietary AI into its search engine.

Meanwhile, however, some users point out that Google’s AI seems to be a bit depressed.

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