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Now you can train at home with Apple Fitness +

From today, Italian homes become gyms, thanks to Apple Fitness +.

The sports app designed for Apple Watch owners is in fact also available in our country starting from Wednesday 3 November, as can be read in a company note.

There are actually 15 countries, including Italy, in which Apple Fitness + can be downloaded from 3 November. The other 14 states are Austria, Brazil, Colombia, France, Germany, Indonesia, Malaysia, Mexico, Portugal, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Spain, Switzerland and the United Arab Emirates with his invitation to start living healthier days. In addition to the United States, United Kingdom, Canada, Ireland, New Zealand and Australia.

Let’s find out what Apple Fitness + is, who it was designed for and what its costs are.

Finally, let’s see how the platform of the Cupertino company fits into a new way of thinking and practicing sport, which had a great development during the lockdown of spring 2020.

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Who is Apple Fitness + for?

As the company explains in the press release, Apple Fitness + is designed by a wide audience of athletes, or in any case of users who pay attention to their well-being.

The target audience seems to be the metropolitan individual, used to managing often frenetic rhythms, who needs to relax, tone up or at least not forget about their physical form.

Jay Blahnik, Apple’s Vice President of Fitness Technologies, says so too: “Fitness + was designed to be welcoming to anyone, with workouts and meditations for everyone, regardless of their fitness level; all led by a diverse team of charismatic, motivating and friendly trainers.

Every day users write to us whose lives have been changed thanks to Apple Fitness +. These stories inspire us and push us to bring the service to as many users as possible; that is why we are so excited to bring the health benefits of Fitness + to 15 new countries, so that even more people around the world can have a place to find the motivation to have a healthier, more active lifestyle every day”.

How Apple Fitness + works

Apple Fitness + puts iPhone, iPad and Apple TV in dialogue with the Apple Watch, to allow users to train wherever they want, especially at home.

It will be in English with subtitles in French, English, Italian, Brazilian Portuguese, Russian, Spanish and German.

An animation shows the personal parameters detected by Apple Watch on the screen at the key moments of each training session.

There are eleven types of workouts available on Apple Fitness +: High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT), strengthening, yoga, dance, core training, biking, pilates, treadmill (for running and walking), rowing machine and conscious cool-down.

These are different areas in terms of intensity and duration. Some disciplines, such as HIIT, bike and rowing machine, can put a user in competition with someone who has completed the same workout before him. A trainer shows the different levels for each type of training, so that anyone can train profitably, regardless of their physical fitness level.

The workouts are accompanied by the songs of the best artists of the moment, with rhythms designed to keep motivation high. For each session you can choose trainer, duration, music and training equipment.

There is also the Let’s walk option, which stimulates people to have a more active lifestyle.

Workouts for everyone

The trainer team working with Apple Fitness + has prepared training plans for all types of users. There are specific training for beginners, for people of advanced age and even for pregnant women.

Apple Fitness + subscribers can use SharePlay to create a group workout or meditation, along with up to 32 other people with FaceTime.


Apple Fitness + can be accessed by paying a monthly subscription of 9.99 euros or annual subscription of 79.99.

Alternatively you can subscribe to the Apple One Premier plan, which for 28.95 euros a month also includes Apple Music, Apple TV +, Apple Arcade and iCloud + with 2TB of storage space to share with up to six family members. Apple One Premier also debuted on November 3.

Home training

While it’s not necessarily meant to work out at home, it goes without saying that the widest use of Apple Fitness + will take place at home.

Is this perhaps one of the very rare positive legacies of the 2020 lockdown. When forced into the house practically without interruption, even many of the most sedentary have discovered the benefits of physical activity.

While sportsmen, unable to train outdoors, have realized that you can keep fit even in a few square meters, if you have the right tools.

In a March article, for example, we reported that the online fitness class market was booming.

Of course: a run, a walk, a ride or a swim surrounded by nature are irreplaceable. But even those who have little time, and perhaps do not live in a postcard environment, today have the opportunity to improve their physical condition.

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