Numerous discounts and promotions on the PlayStation Store

Numerosi sconti e promozioni sul PlayStation Store thumbnail

Sony Interactive Entertainment recently announced that the second wave of Summer Discounts e special promotions are PlayStation Store has officially begun. Until the August 17th you will have the opportunity to take home many incredible titles, all at a discounted price, for both PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5. Let’s find out all the details together.

Summer discounts and promotions on the PlayStation Store

Below are some examples of video games on offer, until August 17th. The first is Horizon Forbidden West for PlayStation 5, currently available at the price of €59.99. In this new chapter the Terra is dying and the Cars I’m out of control.

Six months after the events of the first chapter, Aloy heads to the region known as “Forbidden West”. It is a’unknown frontier feared by the previous four tribes that crosses the extreme west of Utah to the West Coast. Here he must investigate the mysterious “Red Plague” but mostly to find one copy of GAIAthe main AI of the Zero Dawn terraforming system.

We find then Grand Touring 7 for PlayStation 5, available at the price of €59.99. In this new chapter the players will have at their disposal well 437 auto from all over the world and will have to prove that they are the best, winning the podium.

For PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5, however, we find Marvel’s Spider-Man Miles Morales at the price of €39.59 e Dying Light 2 Stay Human at the price of €46.89.

The first title is set a year after the events of Spider-Man; after being trained by Peter Parker, Miles Morales has now moved to Harlem and has become a subaltern of the original Spider-Man.

In the second chapter of Dying Light, however, the zombie epidemic in Harran ended with the death of all the citizens of the city, with no survivors reported. However, it appears that the Global Relief Effort (GRE) is able to develop a vaccine for “The Harran Virus”ending the threat of the zombie pandemic.

Unfortunately, despite promises to cease all research on THV, the GRE he continued to experiment on the virus in secret.

These are obviously some of the titles currently on sale on the PlayStation Store. For further information you can consult the official page.