NVIDIA Broadcast 1.2: here are all the news related to GeForce RTX

NVIDIA has been working on NVIDIA Broadcast’s new 1.2 update to transform any room into a professional studio

Nvidia has updated and improved, in addition to all the news related to the launch of the GeForce RTX 3050 Ti and 3050 laptop GPUs, the NVIDIA Broadcast service, which now reaches version 1.2 and which has set itself the goal of significantly increasing quality general service. It even claims to turn any room into a professional studio.

NVIDIA Broadcast version 1.2 include new AI effects that improve microphone quality e of the webcam, as well as adding new features requested by the streaming community. New effects include room echo removal and video noise removal; Additionally, an audio noise removal update has been released which eliminates sounds made by cats, dogs and insects.

NVIDIA Broadcast 1.2: here are all the news related to GeForce RTX

NVIDIA Broadcast 1.2: here are all the news related to GeForce RTX

NVIDIA Broadcast primarily leveragesArtificial intelligence to improve the quality of microphone, speakers and webcam. THE owners of RTX GPUs they can apply AI effects to their microphone, or to any incoming audio, permanently removing unwanted noise.

The AI ​​functions also improve the camera; one of these is the Background Removal, which removes messy backgrounds from the camera feed; Auto Frame, on the other hand, keeps the subject centered in the camera, even if the camera moves. These effects are performed in real time using the Tensor Cores found on GeForce RTX GPUs. It is the perfect tool to enhance both live streaming and video conferencing.

With the aim of improving the experience in smart working of the people forced to adopt this mode, NVIDIA developed and devised the new feature Room Echo Removal which removes the echo of the voice in environments that have bad acoustics. In addition to environmental echo removal, annoying noise in videos will also become a thing of the past thanks to the feature Video Noise Removal.

Low-quality cameras can often emit blasts “Noises”, experience that can be found on the video feed, especially in low light situations. This is indeed a complex challenge that will take some time to perfect, but the Video Noise Removal beta feature is a great first step, which helps reduce the static of the video to deliver a cleaner image. If you want to continue to know the latest news from the hardware world, keep following us. Greetings from TechGameWorld.com.

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