NVIDIA ha hackerato gli autori del recente furto di dati thumbnail

NVIDIA hacked the perpetrators of the recent data theft

Last week, NVIDIA suffered about 1 TB of data stolen by the hacker group LAPSUS $. The company wasted no time and immediately switched to counterattack by hacking the same hackers with ransomware. NVIDIA, in fact, would have managed to encrypt some hard drives of the hacker group. Here’s how the company’s unusual counterattack unfolded.

NVIDIA attacks the hackers behind the recent data theft

To carry out the data theft, LAPSUS $ hackers had to use a VPN that required registration via Mobile Device Management, a service for managing corporate devices. Leveraging this system, NVIDIA was able to retrace the attacker ea encrypt the device with which the protected data was accessed with a ransomware. LAPSUS $ said it had backed up the stolen data from NVIDIA and, therefore, the company’s counterattack attempt would be canceled. At the moment, in any case, there are no confirmations in this regard.

What’s in the stolen data

The hackers stole about 1 TB of data from NVIDIA. Among the stolen information is the algorithm developed by the company to limit the cryptocurrency mining performance of RTX 30 video cards. According to information published by the hacker team, the revelations of LAPSUS $ appear to be correct. More details on the recorded violation will certainly arrive over the next few days.

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