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NVIDIA: Here are the benefits of GeForce Game Ready Drivers

NVIDIA explains the process and benefits of GeForce Game Ready Drivers, plus launches Reflex Stats for instant access to lag measurements

Since their debut in May 2014i Game Ready driver NVIDIA GeForce have always been among the updates better and more expected absolutely and we have just made a new video that explains the processes we put in place to produce them. In just one day, NVIDIA’s Game Ready Driver testing process includes more 1.000 test different on a large variety of titles already launched and on the way. This equates to over 1.8 million hours of testing only in 2021. To contextualize everything, it is about beyond 214 years of calendar invested in the quality of Game Ready drivers in just one year.

Il video which you can see today also comes with the announcement of a new Game Driver Ready for Dune: Spice Wars and the introduction of Reflex Stats so that players can view a real-time measurement of lag in some of their favorite shooter games.

NVIDIA: Here are the benefits of GeForce Game Ready Drivers

How “Game Ready” drivers work and how they contribute to the best gaming experience

NVIDIA’s Game Ready Driver program was created by zero as a method of providing the best possible gaming experience. This program creates a synergy with game developers, establishing a cadenza regular swapping of game builds and pre-release drivers. We work together to find optimizations and fixes, and iterate builds accordingly to ensure that both the game and the Game Ready driver are delivering the highest quality and performance at launch.

While ours partner Developers tend to be forced to stop working on a game’s launch build after it reaches release GOLDto shift the focus to post-launch fixes and patches, NVIDIA continues to optimize our driver for the game until release, providing players with an even better experience starting in day 0.

Also, since the display driver is an integral part of the overall gaming experience, NVIDIA isn’t used to releasing driver Beta Game Ready. Just like the released games, which are held to a higher standard than the same game in Beta, we strongly believe that only quality launch drivers will work. Consequently, every Game Ready driver is certified WHQL by Microsoft.

NVIDIA: Here are the benefits of GeForce Game Ready Drivers

The word to the experts

NVIDIA has launched over 150 driver Game Readywith support for the Day 0 for over 400 gamesonly during the 2021NVIDIA released 20 driver Game Ready with support for ben 75 titles. And, in addition to the games we list support for in our driver articles and release highlights, we continue to work with dedicated teams to Unreal Engine, Unity and other important development engines. This ensures that the thousands of indie games for PCs released annually, built exclusively with the tools and features provided by those engines, tadpole Very well since launch.

The status of Game Ready is achieved through the work of hundreds of experienced engineers, thousands of test PCs, a focus on excellence, one major investment and one close cooperation with developers. This exhaustive process ensures that every Game Ready driver is optimized for your favorite new releases, month after month.

Billy Khan, Director of Engine Technologyid Software stated

NVIDIA has been a close partner of ours for many years. Our collaboration throughout the game development cycle ensures that the Game Ready drivers are specifically optimized for our games, providing excellent compatibility, stability and performance. Thanks to this approach, our players are able to enjoy the best possible gaming experience since day 0.

Nicolas Rioux, Global Deputy VP of Production Technology, Ubisoft he has declared

NVIDIA’s Game Ready Driver teams act as an extension of our in-house teams to help us better optimize our games and maximize compatibility across a variety of PC configurations, giving GeForce gamers a better and more reliable experience.

NVIDIA: Here are the benefits of GeForce Game Ready Drivers

Introducing Reflex Stats: Automatic and easy latency measurement

At the beginning of the year, NVIDIA has introduced One-click configuration of NVIDIA Reflex Analyzer via GeForce Experience, greatly simplifying the system latency assessment process. Now, NVIDIA is introducing NVIDIA Reflex Stats which allows players to to measure a part of the system latency pipeline called PC Latency.

Thanks to PC Latency players can optimize settings of game e monitor performance over time by simply turning on theoverlay of GeForce Experience and selecting the latency display. It is not necessary to have a display Reflex Analyzer to get this latency metric, but a game is required Reflex SDK 1.6 to take advantage of Reflex Stats. Below are the games that have already been updated to Reflex SDK 1.6 and support Reflex Stats.

  • Bright Memory Infinite
  • Fortnite
  • Rust
  • Valuing

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