PS Plus: a leak reveals the first premium games

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These days we are witnessing a real revolution in the PS Plus service, but to increase the hype a leak has already thought about it that seems to reveal some of the next premium games

Apparently the next service update the PS Plus it will be at three levels, Essentials, Extra and Premium, while the consoles involved are instead fourthe first three versions of the Sony console plus the laptop bankruptcy, but now it’s time to talk about the premium games! Keeping in mind that it is always a leakso still nothing official, we can begin.

PS Plus: Old school premium games

It seems in fact that it was theReddit usertale the_andshrewto note how Sony has begun to add the first metadata and images of what may be some of the three hundred, and pass, games premium announced with the new version of the PS Plus.

It therefore seems that, for two out of three titles, it will go digging in Sony retrogaming. On Reddit the_andshrew has therefore stated that the titles in question will be the famous fighting game Tekken 2the puzzle Mr. Driller and the Ridge Racer 2 car racing simulator.

PS Plus: a leak reveals the first premium games

A choice of titles that, after all, could meet those who are looking for “less commercial” titles, but we are still certain that there will be great timeless Sony classics such as Crash Bandicoot, Spyro, MediEvil, Tombi !, Siphon Filter, Twisted Metal, Ace Combat and so on. It sure will be a better offer than the miniature version of the first gray console (the one without the two analogs).

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