Nvidia introduces Streamline and other game development tools

Nvidia presenta Streamline e altri strumenti di sviluppo giochi thumbnail

At the GDC 2022 Nvidia introduces a new streaming series for game developers, including Streamlineun framework Open Source e Cross-IHV for the integration of super-resolution technologies. And then NVIDIA Kickstart RT, GeForce NOW Cloud Playtest and others.

Nvidia Streamline, tool to integrate super-resolution

At GDC 2022 Nvidia showed off its new open source and cross-IHV framework. This tool should make it easy to integrate super-resolution and other graphic effects in games and applications. In fact, it will be enough to code once to add more technologies.

It’s a framework plug-and-play, which sits between the game and the rendering API. So there is no need to manually integrate each SDK. You can already find support for NVIDIA Deep Learning Super Sampling (DLSS) e Deep Learning Anti-Aliasing (DLAA). Soon it comes too NVIDIA Image Scaling (NIS).

It supports both DirectX 11 and 12, while Vulkan support is in beta.

“Today, game developers are forced to do additional work to support the post-processing effects of each hardware vendor with different APIs,” said John Spitzer, NVIDIA’s vice president of developer and performance technology. “With Streamline, we can remove this redundancy and accelerate the adoption of new features in games, in turn improving our user experience.”

The other tools announced

Nvidia also showed NVIDIA Kickstart RT, which makes it easier to add real-time ray tracing to games. You can easily include dynamic lighting by visiting this page.

GeForce NOW Cloud Playtest instead it allows you to test a new title on the GeForce NOW Developer Platform. You can then take advantage of the GeForce NOW network to play, directly using the app to stream to observers as you try the game.

Finally, many updates to the SDK for NVIDIA RTX Global Illumination, RTX Direct Illumination, Reflex, Real-time Denoisers and important game development tools, including NVIDIA Insight e NVIDIA Virtual Reality Capture and Reply, have received updates.

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