Telepass, Reby’s scooters and scooters also arrive

Telepass, arrivano anche i monopattini e gli scooter di Reby thumbnail

Telepass continues to expand its offer for the sharing mobility con i Reby Italia Srl electric scooters and scooters The Spanish operator is present in Italy in ten cities: Florence, Grosseto, Gaeta, Minturno, Ponza, Benevento, Caserta, Naples, Lecce and Bergamo. In addition to the Reby app, from today you can also use Telepass Pay to rent them.

Telepass Pay, Reby scooters and scooters enter the offer

From today Telepass Pay customers can use the app to rent i Reby vehicles with extreme ease. Just unlock the vehicle with the app, use it within the intended area of ​​the city and then leave it so that it does not forward to us, or park free of charge in the white or blue lines.

Between Spain and Italy Reby covers 18 cities. It has made more than 3 million trips, allowing a saving of 3 tons of CO2. In fact, it is particularly at the forefront of sustainability. The means are made with the 95% recycled materials and have an atmospheric sensor capable of generating route suggestions in real time. You will breathe as little smog as possible.

Gabriele Benedetto, CEO of Telepass, declares: “The entry of Reby scooters and scooters into our integrated mobility ecosystem expands the sharing mobility offer in the city. Telepass is not only paying the motorway toll without queues at the toll booths, but it is now much more than you think and makes life easier for people on the move even in cities. With Reby vehicles we add a new experience for our customers, allowing them to move in an alternative way and without polluting. “

Thus continues the transformation of Telepass as a dynamic protagonist of smart mobility. And it becomes even easier to rent Reby vehicles.

As he explains Pep Gomez, founder of Reby: “The integration in Telepass is a further step in Reby’s commitment to be a true solution for the Italian mobility market. We believe that being within reach of Telepass users allows us to join forces with a leading company in the sector, facilitating access to our vehicles and thus improving the cities in which we operate. “