Nvidia rilascia i nuovi driver GeForce Game Ready per l'uscita di Naraka: Bladepoint thumbnail

Nvidia releases new GeForce Game Ready drivers for the release of Naraka: Bladepoint

Nvidia, on the launch day of Naraka: Bladepoint, released the new ones driver GeForce Game Ready. The aim is to offer maximum performance on new games and support for users. The other games that will benefit from these updates are Back 4 Blood Open Beta, Psychonauts 2, and many more.

Technology Nvidia DLSS increase in-game performance in Naraka: Bladepoint, which officially launches on August 12th. It is a role-playing game with a fantasy setting, which during theOpen Beta has established itself as one of the 10 most played titles on Steam.

Technology Reflex it will also reduce latency, making sure you are always one step ahead of your opponents. In today’s video games, the fluidity and responsiveness of the controls can really make the difference between a glorious victory and a heavy defeat.

The other games that will benefit from the new GeForce Game Ready driver

The Driver game Ready will also improve the performance of Back 4 Blood and and Psychonauts 2. The first is the new title from Turtle Rock Studios, highly anticipated by fans of the developers, while the second is the sequel to a classic action-platformer.

However, the new driver will improve the experience 20 new titles, as well as some monitors designed for video games. Here is the full list of games:

  • Crystals
  • Death’s Door
  • Dream Engines: Nomad Cities
  • Escape from Naraka
  • F1 2021
  • Frozenheim
  • Going Medieval
  • Hell Let Loose
  • Minecraft: Chinese Edition with RTX Beta
  • NINJA GAIDEN 3: Razor’s Edge
  • Orcs Must Die 3
  • Pico Park
  • Red Solstice 2: Survivors
  • She Will Punish Them
  • Starbase
  • The Ascent
  • Yakuza 6: The Song of Life
  • Ys IX Monstrum Nox

They will also support 7 new monitors dedicated to gaming, all compatible with G-SYNC technology. We are talking about the AOC AG274FG8R4 +, AOC AG274QG3R4B +, ASUS VG258QM, ASUS PG32UQ, Lenovo G24-20, MSI G251F and ViewSonic XG320Q models.

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