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NVIDIA RTX 40 graphics card: power limits

The NVIDIA RTX 40 series can reach 800 watts on desktop, 175 watts on mobile / laptop

Rumors keep popping up about Ada Lovelace’s upcoming graphics cards NVIDIA (here for more information on the company). With each new update, it seems that the total power consumption is increasing and today we get information on several SKU, including mobile and desktop variants. According to a well-known leaker, kopite7kimi, we have information on the power limits of upcoming GPUs.

Details on the NVIDIA RTX 40 graphics card

The new GPUs of the series RTX 40 will feature some initial SKUs: AD102, AD103, AD104 and AD106. Every SKU will also be available, except the AD102 top. The first in the line, AD102, is the most SKU thirsty for energy with a maximum power limit of 800 Watt. This will require multiple power connectors and a very robust cooling solution to keep it running. Moving down the stack, we have a SKU AD103 limited to 450 Watt on desktop e 175 Watt on mobile devices. The chip AD104 is limited to 400 Watt on desktop, while the mobile version is still a 175 Watt. Furthermore, the SKU AD106 is limited to 260 watts on desktop e 140 Watt on mobile devices.

Making the difference between a power limit and a TGP it is essential. While total graphics power is what NVIDIA rates its GPUs to perform at, the power limit represents the amount of power that can be applied by card partners and overclocking attempts. It is not necessarily translated to TGP, which means that the final TGP values ​​should be significantly lower.

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