NVIDIA: Shadow Warrior 3 and Ready or Not support arrives

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Shadow Warrior 3 and Ready or Not receive NVIDIA Reflex support for an incredible reduction in system latency

NVIDIA announces that the players GeForce passionate about Shadow Warrior 3 e Ready or Not are about to encounter one remarkable reduced system latency in these titles with the addition of NVIDIA Reflex. By enabling Reflex in Shadow Warrior 3 system latency is reduced by up to 56%while in Ready or Not there is a lower latency of the 42%. The reduction in system latency helps gamers to be more and more competitive.

Additionally, NVIDIA has added gods display G-SYNC e mouse plays on the ecosystem Reflex.

NVIDIA: Shadow Warrior 3 and Ready or Not support arrives

NVIDIA: Shadow Warrior 3 reduces latency by up to 56% thanks to Reflex

Does not exist best configuration for Shadow Warrior 3 of a PC O laptop based on GeForce RTX. At the beginning Marchthe game received a performance increase until the 68%, adding support for NVIDIA DLSS. NVIDIA has now focused on the latencyallowing GeForce gamers, a system reduction up to 56% in the game. GeForce gamers thus get the ultimate gaming experience in Shadow Warrior 3 thanks to latency reduction thanks to Reflex and accelerated frame rates using DLSS.

NVIDIA: Shadow Warrior 3 and Ready or Not support arrives

NVIDIA: Ready or Not, another Reflex update arrives up to 42%

The players who are preparing for Ready or Notit cooperative shooter which is getting a lot of reviews positive in Early Accessare about to see theirs gameplay become much more responsive. In the realistic scenarios of Ready or Not, i milliseconds they make the difference between stopping a suspect or losing your life. Through only one clickReady or Not players can reduce system latency by up to 42%.

NVIDIA Reflex: The ever-expanding ecosystem

NVIDIA Reflex is a suite of technologies which optimizes and measures system latency in competitive games. Offers a competitive advantage to the players, reducing the latency of the system so that the actions happen more quicklymaking players more competitive in matches multiplayer and making the headlines single-player much more responsive. Reflex is available in multiplayer games and sports most popular and is supported by graphics cards GeForce starting with the series GTX 900activation takes just one click.

NVIDIA: Shadow Warrior 3 and Ready or Not support arrives

NVIDIA Reflex Analyzer allows you to easily and accurately measure latency click-to-photon for the first time. Using GeForce Experience and compatible technology built into the mouse and in monitor Reflex, the latency can be measured, players can change their configuration and then test again to confirm that the latency has been further reduced. The new Reflex displays include the AOC AG254FG and the Viewsonic XG271QG.

I mouse Reflex unlock the ability to measure the entire latency of the system when coupled with a Reflex Analyzer display. This month, theAlienware Wired Gaming Mouse AW320M and the ROCCAT Kone XP Gaming Mouse have become the latest mice compatible with NVIDIA Reflex.

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