Tekken Bloodline: a Netflix animated series based on the famous video game

Il trailer di Tekken: Bloodline, il celebre franchise videoludico diventa una serie animata Netflix thumbnail

Netflix has announced that by 2022 the first season of Tekken: Bloodline will be released, a new animated series based on the famous Bandai fighting game.

Tekken becomes a Netflix animated series: the trailer

About 28 years have passed since the release of the first Tekken, Bandai fighting game dated 1994, destined to become a legend. There are many players who have loved it through various titles. At least as many as there are controllers of the various platforms destroyed in the hope of achieving a combo. And in the meantime that new video games of the franchise continue to follow each other, the legend also passes through a new animated TV series. The news comes directly from Netflixwhich announced the release of Tekken: Bloodline, this is the title, by 2022. And as if the announcement were not enough, there is also a first teaser trailer.

The plot of the series will follow the adventures of Jin Kazama and his journey to the Tournament of the Iron Fist. A path of redemption and revenge that of Jin, determined to avenge his mother attacked by a mysterious demon. Anger alone will not be enough, however, it takes training and a clear mind, to face the members of one’s family and discover all the links with the dark forces that surround him.

A first television adaptation of the famous video game dates back to 1998, with an anime in two episodes (The Animation). In 2010, however, a film called Tekken was made, which received not exactly positive reviews from fans.

The trend to create television content based on videogame concepts therefore continues. Just in these days we have reported the imminent release, right on Netflix, of a series based on Resident Evil. There is also growing anticipation for the HBO-produced The Last Of Us TV series.