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NZXT introduces the new CRFT 11 H510i Rivals

NZXT continues the collaboration with My Hero Academia and presents CRFT 11 H510i Rivals

NZXT (here for more info), is one of the largest suppliers of hardware, software and services for the PC gaming community.Founded in 2004, the company has always been dedicated to making PC gaming accessible to all fans. With an eye to design, NZXT makes award-winning products that allow for a personalized approach to PC setup. From the first products, PC cases, NZXT has expanded to include cooling solutions, RGB lighting kits, hardware components, power supplies and the free performance monitoring software, NZXT Cam. NZXT recently expanded its offering to new categories such as audio, with the capsule microphone and the BLD kit, an exclusive experience for novice builders. The company also launched the CRFT product line, which combines NZXT’s own design mindset with some of the most popular entertainment brands to create limited edition homes and accessories. NZXT is committed to developing an ecosystem of smart products and services at the service of PC gaming lovers, while keeping the focus on the needs of the community.

NZXT today announced the continuation of its partnership with My Hero Academia (here for more info), presenting a new limited edition of the H510i case. This is based on the rivalry between two of the franchise’s most beloved heroes: Deku e Bakugo. Preceded by the H510i All Might, theH510i Rivals is the second case mid-tower della lineup CRFT di NZXT to pay homage to the world of My Hero Academia.

NZXT introduces the new CRFT 11 H510i Rivals

How the idea of ​​the new CRFT 11 H510i Rivals was born

In the world of My Hero Academia, around 80% of the population is born with special powers, better known as “Quirk”. Izuku “Deku” Midoriya and Katsuki Bakugo are two of the most promising new students at UA High School, the most prestigious hero academy in the country. The relationship between the two friends has always been exciting and tumultuous. The H510i Rivals highlights this relationship. NZXT and My Hero Academia join forces once again to celebrate the fierce and competitive friendship between Deku and Bakugo with the H510i Rivals case. This case honors and highlights the duality of the two fierce friends. The images of the two aspiring heroes adorn the case, recalling their personal fighting styles, and more. This is a unique case for unique builds designed for all My Hero Academia fans.

Main features, price and availability

Stunning artworks inside and outside the case show the classic rivalry and unique sides of Deku and Bakugo’s personalities.
The puck PLUS ULTRA, one of a kind, is embellished with a pendant that adorns the case. The two-sided pendant features Midoriya’s mask on one side and Bakugo’s glove on the other.

  • Pre-installed RGB LED strip. Customize and control the lighting within the build to highlight Deku and Bakugo, peripherals and your setup.
  • Mounting bracket for integrated graphics card. Position your GPU vertically or horizontally with the integrated mounting bracket.
  • RGB controller and fans included. Control NZXT RGB lighting (two channels) and fans (three channels) via NZXT CAM.

The market price of the new CRFT 11 H510i Rivals is € 249.99. The product is available today. For full details, visit the NZXT Official Website.

NZXT introduces the new CRFT 11 H510i Rivals

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