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NZXT: new gaming keyboard and mouse announced!

NZXT announces the Modular Function Keyboard, Ambidextrous Lift Mouse and a new customization service

NZXTa leading company in hardware and services for the PC gamingtoday takes a new step in the peripheral market and introduces the modular mechanical keyboard Function and the ambidextrous mouse Lift. NZXT also adds a meticulous customization service that allows, through NZXT BLD, to better adapt the peripherals to your style.

NZXT: new gaming keyboard and mouse announced!

NZXT: Function keyboard and Mouse Lift

The NZXT Function Low Profile Modular Keyboard features an aluminum body designed to suit users’ personal preferences. Available in three full size formats, TKL e miniTKL. The Function keyboard offers features of customization appreciated by keyboard lovers customcome switch hot-swapcable USB-C removable and standard trim of the lower row. Added to this are aesthetic customizations capable of making the user experience even more personal and immersive.

The NZXT Lift, lightweight and ambidextrous mouse minimalistwas conceived and designed specifically for the gamer. Equipped with high-end PixArt 3389 optical sensor (maximum sensitivity 16,000 DPI) and switch Omronthe Lift mouse offers precision and immediacy, satisfying even the most demanding and competitive players.

Function and Lift have lighting RGB controllable via software NZXT CAMto easily combine system and peripheral lighting.

NZXT: new gaming keyboard and mouse announced!

NZXT: new mousepad

The new ones close the circle mousepad NZXT. Available in three different sizes (standard, medium, extra large) and colors (white, black, gray), NZXT mouse pads feature a low-friction stain-resistant surface, ideal in any situation and able to adapt to any setup.

In Italythanks to the service NZXT BLDusers can customize size, color, switch, key covers e cables of the Function keyboard and receive it comfortably at home.

NZXT: new gaming keyboard and mouse announced!

NZXT: Features of the Function keyboard

Among the various features of the Function keyboard we find

  • Maximum customizationgli switch hot-swap allow you to use any MX compatible switch.
  • CAM controlRGB lighting of the individual keys, macro control and lighting effects with four integrated profiles, all manageable via CAM software.
  • Simple and essential, with a durable low profile aluminum frame. Four integrated profiles manageable through CAM software. Multimedia keys and volume wheel on the left side for easy and intuitive access.
  • Modularity, the standard layout of the lower row allows you to install any type of compatible keycap. Removable and customizable USB-C cable. Standard bottom row design with MX compatible hot-swap sockets.

NZXT: new gaming keyboard and mouse announced!

NZXT: Features of the Lift mouse

  • Minimal and light design, allows quick and precise movements for better in-game performance. This ensures less hand fatigue, providing comfort during long gaming sessions.
  • High-speed trackingthe high-end PixArt 3389 optical sensor features high-speed, precision tracking, with a maximum resolution of 16k DPI for a competitive advantage.
  • Minimum resistancethe Paracord cable guarantees minimal resistance to mouse movements for a smoother and more precise gaming performance.
  • 20 million clicksthe Omron mechanical switches on the buttons resist wear and are a guarantee of long life.

NZXT: new gaming keyboard and mouse announced!

NZXT: pricing and availability

The mechanical keyboard Function is available in three models

  • Full-size: 159,99€
  • TKL: € 149.99
  • MiniTKL: € 139.99

The keyboard body is available in 3 colors, black, white and gray. And it is possible to customize the color of the various keys.

The Mouse Lift is available at the price of 59.99 €, in black and white. While for i Mousepad we have three different formats

  • Standard: 19.99€
  • Medium: €24.99
  • Extra Large: 29.99€

The keyboard Function e i mousepad are available inimmediatewhile the mouse Lift will be available soon. For full details, visit the NZXT Official Website.

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