Oclean W10: water jet for oral hygiene in promotion

We present Oclean W10, a water jet that will allow you to remove bacteria and food residues stuck between the teeth, where the toothbrush can struggle to reach. The device sprays water under pressure for a deep and gentle cleaning. Let’s take a closer look at it

Oral hygiene is a critical aspect of our daily life. We are taught from an early age the importance of brushing your teeth very carefully with the toothbrush several times a day to avoid the accumulation of dirt and bacteria which in the long run can lead to the development of tooth decay or more serious diseases. However, many dentists agree that a toothbrush alone is not enough for proper oral hygiene and that the use of other tools such as dental floss is essential in preventing damage to the teeth. In fact the toothbrush struggles to get to remove food residues and dirt present in the cracks between the teeth, where tooth decay can very often develop. Oclean W10 is an alternative that allows you to clean the spaces between the teeth in a simple and effective way, without resorting to tedious dental floss. Let’s see how it works!

Oclean W10: a water jet like that of the dentist

You may have noticed that dentists, during operations, like to spray water mixed with compressed air in our mouth with an instrument called a water jet. The aim is to remove food and / or saliva residues in order to work properly and cleanly. But now with Oclean W10 this tool is available to everyone in our homes!

A water jet is essentially a device capable of spraying water mixed with high pressure air in the mouth to remove dirt. But Oclean W10 offers something more. In fact it is a compact system with a modern design that does not look bad placed on the bathroom shelf. Under the body, however, we find a system with excellent performance with a very high quality-price ratio. The 200ml tank and built-in battery ensure uninterrupted use. Furthermore, the tank monitoring system can tell us the remaining autonomy at any moment. The device delivers 5 different power levels to adapt to the needs of deep cleaning, but also to the sensitivity of each of us. We also have available 4 different cleaning modes to adapt to 4 possible scenarios: Standard Nozzle to clean the space between the teeth, Periodontal Pocket Nozzle to clean and massage the gums and avoid annoying inflammation, Orthodontistic Nozzle to clean dental implants and appliances e Tongue Scraping Nozzle to keep your breath fresh and pleasant. The device is also equipped with all the accessories to be able to use it in complete peace of mind.

The promotion

As if the excellent value for money of Oclean W10 were not enough, in the next few days a promotion will be active that will make the purchase even more convenient. Particularly from 23 August to 30 September on the official website of Oclean, the first 100 pieces sold together with any toothbrush of the brand will carry in your pockets a gift consisting of a comfortable travel bag, an Oclean S1 sterilizer and two spare brush heads. Furthermore, if you buy Oclean W10 coupled with an electric toothbrush, the price will drop to $ 59.99 (plus the cost of the toothbrush of course). That’s all from the electronic section, keep following us!

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