Octopath Traveler II: new trailer for Ochette and Castti

È appena nato un nuovo motore di ricerca evoluto e smart

A huntress and a pharmacist walk into a bar… but it’s anything but a joke: it’s the new trailer for Octopath Traveler II

With the arrival of Octopath Traveler II almost at the door, Square-Enix has well thought of dedicating a new trailer to two other protagonists: the huntress Ochette and the pharmacist Castti. We also get new details about the game world, but by and large the premise is the same as its predecessor. This unusual anthological formula was also seen in our LIVE A LIVE review, and provides that at the beginning of the adventure we choose to play as a certain character. The fights involve the same succession of rounds to which the genre has accustomed us, but with the possibility of solving problems in a different way depending on the skills of the hero in action.

The new trailer for Octopath Traveler II

The first protagonist of the Octopath Traveler II trailer is Ochette, a feline-eared hunter with the ability to control and dominate fauna: again, we have a walking reference to Pokémon, as happened with H’aanit in the predecessor. The owl-like Mahina and the equally jackal-like Akalā accompany her on her adventure. This islander leaves her native Toto’haha Island to prevent the calamity called “Night of the Scarlet Moon”. She doesn’t socialize much with her fellow villagers, but she can tame anyone with the fruits of her hunting, drawing cures and tools from the animals she slaughters “but never out of hatred”. She can also get them to help her in battle, of course.

Switching to Cast, she is a pharmacist who suffers from amnesia. She found herself in the open sea and can’t even remember her name. She has only her trusty purse and her skills with her. In her search for herself, she can talk to anyone to piece her world together, while helping them. Despite her healing abilities, her ability to create potions of her own also comes in handy in the offensive when she is in battle. Helping people who are sick is her forte, especially when people are in such pain that they can’t sleep. This great little pearl is expected on February 24th su Nintendo Switch, Steam, PS4 e PS5.

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