Octopath Traveler II will debut in February 2023: get ready for a new adventure

Octopath Traveler II debutterà a febbraio 2023: preparatevi per una nuova avventura thumbnail

Square Enix recently announced the Octopath Traveler II release date. The title will debut worldwide on February 24, 2023simultaneously on Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4 e PC tramite Steam.

The release date of Octopath Traveler II

In this new chapter of the famous RPG you will go on an exciting journey into the new world of Solistia. Developed by the same team who worked on the original, and which sold more than three million copies worldwidethis chapter gets better the iconic HD-2D graphics of the series.

With a new story, new characters and new features, this chapter is perfect for those unfamiliar with the series. At the same time, however, it retains the charm of the original game to the delight of fans. Players will find out the travels of the eight protagonists very unique as they explore the world and face enemies in strategic turn-based battles in a completely unique adventure.

Among the main game mechanics we find:

  • Domination and Power system for combat: you will have to play strategically to take advantage of the weak points of the enemies by dominating them and inflicting more damage. Don’t forget to upgrade the characters’ abilities.
  • Travel actions: you can interact with the PNG around the world in various ways using the specific actions of each character. Travel Actions will depend on the protagonist and the day / night cycle.
  • New story and characters: Embark on an epic adventure in the new world of Solistia and discover the stories of eight new travelers.
  • Day / night cycle: Available cities and Travel Actions will change depending on the day or night.
  • Latent power: A new element that allows characters to use a powerful ability during battles when the bar is completely full.
  • Stories that intertwine: going forward, new stories will be revealed among the protagonists that will make the plot intertwine even more.

Collector’s Edition per PlayStation e Nintendo Switch

Those who wish can book the Collector’s Edition for PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch exclusively on the SQUARE ENIX Store. This special edition contains:

  • L’standard edition of the title;
  • The collection of busts of the eight travelers protagonists;
  • And artbook of 44 pages;
  • The mini-soundtrack su CD OCTOPATH TRAVELER II –Extended Battle Tracks–.

Those who book thedigital standard edition will receive the “Wayfarers’ Supplies” pack, containing the consumables described below that will help travelers along their journey.

  • Healing nectar (M) x 5;
  • Spirit thistle (M) x 5;
  • Revitalizing jam x 2;
  • Gold Dust x 1.

For more information on the title you can consult the official site