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Octopus Energy presents Octopus Power Pack: free recharges for electric vehicles

Octopus Energyan energy company created to make renewable energy accessible to all through the use of technology, officially introduces it in the United Kingdom Octopus Power Pack, the first ‘vehicle-to-grid’ (V2G) tariff, a technology capable of transforming electric cars from simple means of transport to real energy carriers capable of exchanging electricity with the grid. This new solution will allow motorists to recharge their vehicles for free, as well as increasingly incentivising those who do not yet use electric and are considering the switch.

Octopus Power Packclean and low-cost energy

Still in beta, Octopus Power Pack uses V2G and Kraken technology, a cloud-based platform that controls supply and demand thanks to the use of machine learning and artificial intelligence, with the aim of identifying the best time on the network for the charging and discharging phases of the vehicle. This translates into charging your car with clean, low-cost energy – during off-peak hours – and then returning it to the grid when it needs it most (typically, during peak demand).

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The rate is available in United Kingdom for all those who own electric cars equipped with chargers compatible with V2G technology. Currently only a limited number of models have this feature, but some automakers such as Volvo are working on V2G-compatible models.

Thanks to this new initiative, Octopus further consolidates its role as the UK’s leading energy supplier for electric car users. The company has in fact recently exceeded 200,000 customers who have signed up tariff Intelligent Octopus Go from Octopus Gowhich comprise around a fifth of electric car drivers on the road in the UK.

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