Oculus is updated, App Lab more and more full of games and Oculus Move more flexible

Oculus si aggiorna: le novità per Oculus Move thumbnail

Thanks to the new Oculus software update, the function designed for physical well-being Oculus Move it is more and more flexible and adapted to personalized goals. NSe App Lab continues to grow, collecting more and more games designed for virtual reality.

The Oculus software, which arrived at v25 at the beginning of the year, is now at v32. There has certainly been no shortage of introductions during these months. The main innovations related to this update concern Oculus Move and the services of App Gifting. The update will be distributed completely free of charge.

What’s new in the Oculus Move update

Oculus Move, launched last Novembere, is a function capable of track your movements and calories burned during gaming sessions in Virtue Realitythe. Users have greatly appreciated this feature, which is also making its way into Quest 2.

Oculus, with version 32 of the software, will improve the flexibilityà by Move. It will be possible to transform daily goals into weekly ones, thus having a little more breathing space. Before starting a game, players will be able to set and customize their weekly calendar, indicating the days of training.

Oculus Move is certainly a great initiative, a function that pushes users to enjoy video games and at the same time stay fit and in shape. take care of your physical healthto. It is not the only aspect that is receiving improvements, however.

The functions of App Gifting and App Files

App Gifting it is being updated, becoming more and more simple and immediate. It will now be possible to buy a game for someone directly through the VR headset while wearing it. This will allow you to send gifts much faster and more effectively.

Thanks to Files AppFurthermore, you can manage the files saved on your viewer in an orderly and efficient way. Through special gestures you can browse files and documents, modifying, opening and sharing them with ease.

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