Telepass Digital is officially born

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Telepass officially announces the birth of Telepass Digital. With the acquisition of the mobile oriented startup Wise Emotions, a division was born that aims to support the company with the aim of simplifying the life of people on the move. Telepass confirms its desire to follow its corporate vision to the fullest, based on technological and digital research. For technological and product innovation, Telepass foresees investments of 100 million euros until 2023.

Telepass acquires Wise Emotions and launches Telepass Digital

The birth of Telepass Digital represents a new step in the growth process of the company that aims to acquire innovative smart mobility companies. The company has already started similar operations with Urbi, a startup that has created an app to help users identify shared means of transport. A similar project was started with Wash Out which offers an ecological home washing service for cars and motorcycles. Today, Wise Emotions can count on over 80 employees fully dedicated to the development of digital products for all major platforms.

The CEO’s comment

Gabriele Benedetto, Chief Executive Officer of Telepass, commented on the birth of the new service: “With the birth of Telepass Digital, we will be able to develop new integrated features directly ‘at home’ and thus offer an increasingly easy and intuitive digital experience to people on the move, for mobility in step with the times. Telepass strongly believes in startups, in which it has decided to invest for some time, and, with the acquisition of Wise Emotions, we will bring on board new young minds, 35% of which are women, capable of culturally rejuvenating the DNA of the company which, despite its thirty-year history, it has never abandoned the dynamic and curious approach of a startup in its early days “.

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