Oculus Starter Kit: Quest 2, a viewer to install games and applications

Oculus Starter Kit: un nuovo visore per installare più giochi e applicazioni thumbnail

Oculus Starter Kit: time to step forward. Oculus has recently launched the new 128 GB Quest 2, available in Italy at a price of 349 €. With this new headset, gamers can easily install and access multiple games and applications on one device.

The characteristics of the product

No more cables, double storage, much more memory, simple setup and super-fast performance. The new Quest 2 tries in every way to improve and increase the user experience by also offering an excellent sound-cinematic performance, without losing any detail with integrated speakers that offer a 3D positional audio from cinema, and mirroring of the The headset itself, with which you can engage friends in battle or take them to the top of an active volcano by streaming directly to a compatible TV or Oculus mobile app.

Oculus Starter Kit: the complete list of titles available

From Star Wars to Supernatural to minigolf: 13 game possibilities (even more considering the different chapters of the sagas of “Vader Immortal” and “I Expect You To Die), in a list that you can enjoy simply by wearing your headset!

Beat Saber
Vader Immortal Saga: Episodes I, II, III
The Walking Dead: Saints & Sinners
A Township Tale
Echo VR
Tetris Effect: Connected
Walkabout Mini Golf
I Expect You To Die – I Expect You To Die 2

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