Oddworld Soulstorm: in arrivo per Xbox?

The month of April saw the arrival of Oddworld: Soulstorm on PS4 and PS5, but it looks like it could also arrive on Xbox

It’s been a while since good old Abe brought his bizarre alien adventures in the 90s to the first PlayStation and PC as well. However, 2021 is the year of the return with Oddworld: Soulstorm with its publication for PS4, PS5 e PC, but it looks like Xbox will also have its slice of the extraterrestrial pie. A slice that, it seems, will be bitten soon, but let’s try to understand the situation a little better!

Oddworld Soulstorm: does the “marriage” with Xbox have to be done?

Oddworld: Soulstorm has indeed received a age classification on Xbox Series X / S and also on Xbox One by the ESRB (acronym for Entertainment Software Rating Board). Obviously, for the moment, there are no official announcements yet, but with E3 around the corner we could finally have an answer. Anyway, the return of a curious and unconventional platformer like this (2.5D as opposed to the “classic” two or three dimensions), was more than welcomed news by many longtime fans and all those who are dedicated to retrogaming even today.

Oddworld Soulstorm: in arrivo per Xbox?

Furthermore, it should not be forgotten that, thanks to this recent release, one could also point to a certain “information” regarding the newer levers of gamers of today. Precisely for this reason, and waiting to see if Abe will return to the Microsoft console, how about recovering the other titles in the series at the best price ever? If your answer is yes, then we advise you to click here, while, to keep up to date on the great world of video games of yesterday and today, stay with us here on TechGameWorld.com!

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