Official 100% electric Ferrari in 2025

Ufficiale: Ferrari avrà la sua prima sportiva 100% elettrica nel 2025 thumbnail

Ferrari yesterday celebrated Capital Markets Day in Maranello, a meeting with investors, in which the top management of the brand presented some of the company’s future projects. Among these plans is the launch of 15 new models between now and 2026. Furthermore, and it is now certain, Ferrari will launch what will be its first 100% electric car on the market in 2025.

Despite this news, the leaders of the brand have been firm about the role that combustion engines will continue to play. Indeed, the 15 new models will be equipped with V8 engines, without electrification, and V6 hybrids.

There will be “three powertrains with distinct driving emotions”. In 2026, the 40% of the brand’s cars will be petrol without electric assistance and 60% will be electrified, hybrid or purely electric.

As is known, currently, the brand has four series models on the list. These are the Ferrari Roma, the Ferrari 812 Superfast, the Ferrari 296 GTB and the Ferrari SF90, which represents a mix of combustion and hybrid models.

However, the increase in electrification in the coming years, with the aim of achieving carbon neutrality in 2030, it will not be at the expense of the development of combustion enginesas they have done in other brands in a movement initiated by Mercedes-Benz.

Even in 2030, pure-combustion models will still represent 20% of all those sold, Ferrari says. Perhaps these engines will be reserved for special series.

The first 100% electric Ferrari

With regard to the first 100% electric Ferrari carconfirmed for launch in 2025, will leverage all the connecting points between petrol and electric Ferraris, such as software and dynamic controls.

Naturally, the brand recalled that, even in this model, part of its technology and the experience applied in its development derive from the competition.

The makers of the brand have not revealed any information about this new car, which still has at least two years of development. They just promised a high fuel densitya low curb weight, an exciting sound and an exciting driving experience like the rest of the Ferrari car range.

Of course the batteries they will be assembled by Ferrari in Maranello, in a new structure. The e-building ‘, will be dedicated to the design and construction of electric motors, inverters, battery modules and assembly processes that will be integrated into the development of electric models.

Unofficial rendering

Ferrari also took the opportunity to confirm that the first SUV in its history, the PuroSangue, will be presented next September. At first will be on sale equipped with a naturally aspirated V12 and without electric assistance.

However, it is highly likely that there will be a hybrid engine option at some point. In fact, Ferrari believes that “the hybrid is the right technology to increase pure performance” and affirm that “the hybrid engine can increase performance even more”.

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